TSS - Parking and Payroll Deductions/Parking and EBPA

Parking and Payroll Deductions/Parking and EBPA

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First Published  :Tue Aug 22 13:24:43 GMT 2017
Last Modified  :Mon Jan 10 22:02:43 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Mon Jan 10 22:02:43 GMT 2022
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Primary Information

    Click here for more information on EBPA: Commuter Benefits. If you are paying for on campus parking out of pocket instead of through Pre-Payroll Tax Deductions or if you are taking public transportation to campus and/or park your car at a Commuter Lot near your T station or Commuter Rail, you will want to enroll in EBPA in order to get a card loaded with Pre-Tax funds for Transit and/or Parking. Otherwise, Payroll Deductions are already Pre-Tax (up to the specified limits) so there is no need to enroll in EBPA.

    Parking on the SMFA and Grafton Campuses is usually handled through Pre-Tax Payroll Deductions, but the passes can now also be purchased out of pocket using a Credit Card or Check.

    Parking on the Boston Campus can be handled through either Pre-Tax Payroll Deductions if you purchase a monthly pass from one of the local affiliated garages (Hudson Street, Tremont Street, or Motor Mart). Or you can pay out of pocket for daily parking at one of the affiliated garages (Herald Street, Tremont Street, Traveler Street) or a garage of your choosing in the area.

    Parking on the Medford campus is handled via a mobile app.  A person can pay hourly, daily or monthly.  Visit this site for information.

    Key to General Deductions on your Paycheck:
    2022 before tax deductions are limited to a total of $280 per month for Parking and the 2022 before tax deductions are limited to a total of $280 for Transportation/Transit.
    Each category has a separate limit and is subject to change. Click here for more information on EBPA and the Commuter Benefit.
    Payroll Deduction Codes for Parking are listed below:
    Deduction CodeDescriptionSourceCommuter Category
    COMM$ACommuter dollars - after taxEBPATransportation (Transit)
    COMM$BCommuter dollars - before taxEBPATransportation (Transit)
    GPARKGrafton Parking – before taxPublic SafetyParking
    LOT1Tremont St Garage – before taxAffiliateParking
    LOT1ATremont St – after taxAffiliateParking
    LOT2Tremont St Garage Restricted – before taxAffiliateParking
    LOT2ATremont St Restricted – after taxAffiliateParking
    LOT4Hudson Street Lot – before taxAffiliateParking
    LOT4AHudson ST – after taxAffiliateParking
    LOT6Motor Mart Garage – before taxAffiliateParking
    MPARKMedford Parking – before taxPublic SafetyParking
    PARK$ACommuter parking - after taxEBPAParking
    PARK$BCommuter Parking - before taxEBPAParking
    SMFABSMFA – before taxPublic SafetyParking
    FINESFines - after taxPublic SafetyN/A

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