TSS - Ex-Spouses or Domestic Partners on Health, Dental or Vision Plans

Ex-Spouses or Domestic Partners on Health, Dental or Vision Plans

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First Published  :Wed Oct 25 13:38:49 GMT 2017
Last Modified  :Fri Feb 03 19:29:42 GMT 2023
Last Published  :Fri Feb 03 19:29:42 GMT 2023
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Primary Information

    Your ex-spouse may be covered under your Health PlanDental Plan and Vision Plan coverage. if:

    • They were covered by the university’s benefit plans immediately before the divorce, AND
    • There is a court order requiring that your ex-spouse and any dependent children continue to receive coverage
    If you are in a committed relationship and not married, you may be able to choose a benefits plan for your domestic partner, with appropriate documentation.

    For more information about both of these options, click here.

    How Covering a Domestic Partner Affects Your Taxes

    Domestic partners are not tax dependents under federal law. The value of the university and employee contributions for health, dental and vision insurance for a domestic partner and their children is considered taxable.

    Depending on your coverage level, this value could be reported on your paycheck as a post-tax deduction and as taxable imputed income. Imputed income is the taxable value of a service or benefit provided by an employer. Contact TSS for paycheck related questions.

    If you have any tax questions, please consult your personal tax professional.

    How can I update the coverage for my ex-spouse?

     This must be done via email. 
    If you already cover your ex-spouse on a health plan and need to make a change, please contact TSS at TSS@Tufts.edu wit the plan you want to change them to and we will do it for you! 


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