TSS - Hiring a Temporary Employee- Direct Payroll/Non-Agency

Hiring a Temporary Employee- Direct Payroll/Non-Agency

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First Published  :Mon Dec 04 14:26:34 GMT 2017
Last Modified  :Fri Jan 12 20:36:20 GMT 2018
Last Published  :Fri Jan 12 20:36:20 GMT 2018
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    If a hiring manager has a temporary candidate outside of Tufts Temps, the department completes the ePAF for temp employees.  Click here for the ePAF/Time Entry Manual. It is recommended that prior approval for the position funding has been obtained.  A direct hire temp  (non-agency) is on the Tufts payroll but does not have benefits as a regular employee would. See information in Benefits for Temps.

    Note that a temporary employee is different than a 'limited appointment.'  A limited appointment is considered a regular employee, but has a designated end date, is hired through the HR hiring process and is on the Tufts payroll.  Therefore the limited appointment employee is eligible for days off, including sick days, Jury Duty, and other benefits. Questions regarding limited appointment employees can be addressed to a Human Resources Business Partner.

    For regular non-temp staff positions, direct to applicant tracking career page at http://jobs.hr.tufts.edu.  Then refer to HR website (Policies  and Procedures) and the Employee Handbook for additional information about hiring, promotions and transfers.  All other inquiries for specifics go to Tier 3 Rep HRBP Queue.

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