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Extended Sick Leave Time

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First Published  :Tue Jan 02 14:28:16 GMT 2018
Last Modified  :Fri Feb 18 14:29:55 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Fri Feb 18 14:29:55 GMT 2022
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    Note:  This policy applies to all non-exempt, benefits-eligible staff who are otherwise not covered by a collective bargaining agreement. 

    All full-time, non-exempt, benefits-eligible employees who have been employed by Tufts for at least one year are eligible for Extended Sick Leave.  Full-time academic-year employees are also eligible for this ESL, but only during the academic year.  Extended Sick Leave is equal to 60% of the employee’s base salary (base salary excludes overtime, shift differential, and supplemental pay), and it applies to scheduled workdays and University holidays.

    Extended Illness Pay (EIP) supplements sick pay during an approved leave of absence for employee’s own serious health condition as defined in Tufts' leave of absence policy: https://access.tufts.edu/taking-a-leave .

    EIP may not be used to supplement Workers’ Compensation benefits and may not be used on an intermittent basis.
    EIP begins after a waiting period of 7 calendar days from the date of the initial absence or approved request; AND after all the employee’s sick time is exhausted. If sick time is used up during the waiting period, the remainder of that time will be unpaid. Should the employee’s sick time be exhausted during the waiting period, an employee may choose to use available vacation and personal time. Any portion of the waiting period not covered by sick, vacation, or personal time will be unpaid.  All available sick time must be depleted before EIP will begin, and an employee shall not receive more than twenty (20) weeks of combined paid Sick Leave and ESL in a twelve (12) month period. 


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