TSS - Orthodontics Discount for Children of Employees

Orthodontics Discount for Children of Employees

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First Published  :Mon Jan 08 16:30:47 GMT 2018
Last Modified  :Mon Sep 10 13:47:19 GMT 2018
Last Published  :Mon Sep 10 13:47:19 GMT 2018
Summary :  Describes benefit of orthodontics at TUSDM


Primary Information

    Tufts University School of Dental Medicine’s (TUSDM) Department of Orthodontics will provide a 20% discount off of patient responsibility to all Tufts University child dependents of active employees.  The definition of a University employee and a University employee dependent are outlined below.  This  discount is limited to the Department of Orthodontics and does not apply in any other clinical department at TUSDM.
    Definition of Employee:
    If you are an active employee employed by the University and meet the criteria bulleted below, your dependent child or children are eligible to participate in this Program: 
    •             an exempt or non-exempt employee regularly scheduled to work 17.5 hours or more a week, with a minimum 90-day employment period; or
    •             a faculty member with at an least half time, two- semester appointment; or
    •             a party to a job share contract (a job share contract is any contractual arrangement under which two employees, who each normally work at least 17.5 hours per week, fulfill the responsibilities of one job in accordance with the University’s job sharing policy and all personnel policies and procedures then in effect).
    Definition of Employee Dependent:
       Eligible Child dependent is defined as:  
    •             Biological children
    •             Legally adopted children
    •             Stepchildren who live with you full time
    •             Foster child, and
    •             Any other child permanently living with you for whom you are the legal guardian.

    •             In general, a child may be covered to the last day of the month following his/her 26th birthday.
    Spouses/Domestic Partners (DP) do not qualify for this discount.
    Program Adjustment:
    An individual who meets the criteria  is eligible to receive a  20% discount off of the amount deemed as patient responsibility for services rendered by the Department of Orthodontics, without restriction. 
    If a patient has dental insurance, the rendered services will be billed to the individual’s insurance.  Once all insurances have been exhausted and the patient responsibility is determined, the amount owed will be discounted by 20%.
    If a patient is self-pay, the rendered services will be discounted by 20%.
    All payments and monthly payments remain due in accordance with the terms of the agreed upon payment plan, without exception.
    In order to maintain discount, all payments must be made on time and in full.  Failure to make a payment or a delayed payment can lead to the discount being removed and the services owed at full cost.


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