TSS - Home Department Numbers/IDs and Dept IDs

Home Department Numbers/IDs and Dept IDs

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First Published  :Tue Apr 12 14:39:48 GMT 2016
Last Modified  :Wed May 11 13:24:38 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Wed May 11 13:24:38 GMT 2022
Summary :  A list of home department numbers which can be used in completing paperwork


Primary Information

    There may be times when a particular business form (HR or Finance) or application asks for a home department number/home department ID.  A list of those numbers for the can be found here.

    Home Department Numbers/Home Department IDs end in 001.

    A Home Department  should not be confused with a Dept ID/ Pre-Plan Distribution Department ID/Acct Dept #, which is a funding source (where expenses are charged). Labor Distribution (also referred to as Account Distribution) is one example of a transaction that requires a Dept ID to be specified.. Other examples are Finance transactions like IDRs, purchases on a PCard or Travel Card, etc.

    A list of Dept IDs/Pre-Plan Distribution Department ID can be found by going to
    https://access.tufts.edu/chart-accounts, there's a button that says View Chart of Accounts.  On the tableau worksheet there are tabs at the top and one of them says DeptIds.  That should be a complete list. 

    On the PeopleSoft HRMS application, the field called "Home Dept ID #s" is asking for the Home Department (ends in 001; where the employee "lives"). The field called "Acct Dept. #s" is really asking for the Dept ID (the funding source/where the Labor payment will come from).


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