TSS - Using Box to Retrieve Documents/Attachments

Using Box to Retrieve Documents/Attachments

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First Published  :Thu May 19 13:32:09 GMT 2016
Last Modified  :Wed Jul 13 16:28:48 GMT 2016
Last Published  :Wed Jul 13 16:28:48 GMT 2016
Summary :  instructions for TSS if a constituent uses Box.com


Primary Information

    If you would like to use Box to get information to TSS, please share the folder or individual file via a public link.  Just copy + paste the link into an email to TSS@Tufts.edu from Outlook or by adding a Comment  with the link to the case and all the recipient has to do is click it to view the folder and the files within.  Please do not use the "Email Shared Link" functionality in Box, but just take the Link that is provided and send it to TSS directly. Here is how to obtain the Link:  (It is also readily and directly available on the right side under Link to Folder.


    Just COPY + PASTE the link from the above screen into an email to TSS from Outlook rather than sending the link through the Box function  'Email Shared Link'.

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