TSS - What Expenses will Tufts Not Reimburse?

What Expenses will Tufts Not Reimburse?

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First Published  :Thu Sep 18 13:17:49 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Tue Feb 05 05:07:43 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Tue Feb 05 05:07:43 GMT 2019
Summary :  This will describe certain expenses for which Tufts will not reimburse the employee, student or visitor.


Primary Information

    Nonreimbursable Expenses

    In order to be reimbursed, an expense has to be necessary and appropriate in supporting the mission of the university (teaching and research).  In general, any expense that is personal in nature is not allowed.  The list below is an example of unallowable expenses; it is not intended to be all inclusive but rather a representation of unallowable costs.  Travelers are expected to be prudent and show good judgment when expending university funds.
    • First class airfares
    • Business class airfare for individual travel segments less than 8 hours
    • Airline club fees/memberships
    • Alcohol can never be charged to a federal grant
    • Child care or pet care expenses
    • Costs incurred by failure to cancel a reservation
    • Flight/travel insurance
    • Formal wear
    • Newspapers, magazines, books (unless authorized subscription to professional journal)
    • Personal grooming costs (i.e.,haircut)
    • Traffic fines while driving personal or rental vehicles or Tufts University owned vehicles
    • Visa costs unless a specific and necessary condition of the travel assignment
    • Rental car upgrades such as satellite radio
    • Fitness center or health club fees/memberships
    • Laundry or dry cleaner charges for trips lasting  5 days or less
    • Expenses for personal entertainment (such as sporting events or sight-seeing tours)
    • Expenses for spouses, domestic partners or family members

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