TSS - Obtaining Copies of Invoices or Purchase Orders (PO)

Obtaining Copies of Invoices or Purchase Orders (PO)

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First Published  :Tue Sep 16 16:38:57 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Mon Aug 01 12:59:14 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Mon Aug 01 12:59:14 GMT 2022
Summary :  Needing an extra copy of a PO?


Primary Information

    Copies of Invoices and Purchase Orders (PO)

    Whether for audit purposes or for another reason, you can obtain a copy of most invoices or purchase orders from PeopleSoft PO/Payment Inquiry or the Data Warehouse for financial reports.  (system access required).  Please note that you must be logged into VPN, even if on campus, to see PO copies.

    1. Most invoices are available via Tufts’ PO/Payment Inquiry once you sign into PeopleSoft.

    2. A copy can also be obtained in the Data Warehouse.


    There are some images that are not available:

    • Travel & Business Expense reimbursements

    • Invoices that are billed electronically: orders placed via Tufts Marketplace, DHL, Federal Express, North Star and print/copy charges from Tufts Shared Services.

    If you need a copy of an invoice that is not available, contact Tufts Support Services.

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