TSS - How to Obtain a Procurement Card (PCard)

How to Obtain a Procurement Card (PCard)

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First Published  :Thu Sep 18 15:43:24 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Wed Dec 04 20:08:12 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Wed Dec 04 20:08:12 GMT 2019
Summary :  process to obtain a Tufts PCard


Primary Information

    The Procurement Card (PCard) is a MasterCard credit card, which can be used for purchases up to $5,000 of all nonrestricted commodities from any supplier that accepts MasterCard as a form of payment.  Faculty, staff and postdocs are eligible for a card, however students and Temps are not.

    The PCard can be used in place of Blanket Orders, Business Expense Reimbursements, Petty Cash, and Check With Orders (Prepaid). It provides a faster, more efficient way to purchase lower dollar goods. While the PCard should be used for university business purchases, all travel related meals and costs must still be paid using the Travel Reimbursement Forms and/or the Corporate Card (See How to Obtain a Corporate Card).  It is not to be used for travel or travel-related expenses.

    Prior to being issued a card, the cardholder must complete eLearning training courses. Additional information regarding these courses will be e-mailed to the employee once the card application is received.  You will be notified when the card is received.  Your PCard is a chip card will contain a small, embedded microchip, which will help improve the security and acceptance of your card in the U.S. and around the world.  Your card allows you to make purchases at merchants with chip-enabled terminals, as well as merchants with traditional terminals. Depending on how the merchant is set up, you will be prompted to either sign a receipt or to enter a four-digit PIN to complete your transaction.

    Once you have your PCard, please see Activating a Corporate Card or PCard, Procurement Card (PCard) Uses and Restrictionsand Reconciling PCard Transactions in PeopleSoft for more information!

    Application for a PCard

    Complete both the PCard Application Form and Application for User ID (both located on the same application within AccessTufts). The electronic application will be routed to the designated approver in your Department.  If a Travel Card or P Card application has been misdirected through Access Tufts, please contact TSS for assistance.

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