TSS - Obtaining Copies of Tax Forms: 1099, 1042S

Obtaining Copies of Tax Forms: 1099, 1042S

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First Published  :Thu Sep 18 17:27:21 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Thu Mar 31 14:29:47 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Thu Mar 31 14:29:47 GMT 2022
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Primary Information

    The process of obtaining copies of tax forms differs depending on the type of tax form and the individual’s nationality or role (student, staff, etc.)

    1042-S and 1099 Forms
    Each year Tufts is required to report certain payments to Nonresident Aliens on a 1042-S form and US Residents/Citizens/Suppliers on a 1099 form to the IRS.  1099 forms are normally mailed by January 31 for the reportable payments in the previous year; 1042S forms are due to the recipient by 3/15.

    Will the document be sent?
    1099:  A Form 1099 is for U.S. citizens and Green Card holders who receive “non-payroll income” of $600 or more from Accounts Payable, such as rents, royalties, honorariums and subject study payments.  A 1099 is NOT sent for scholarships/fellowships nor for SMFA Art Sales.  Vendors who are "Incorporated" do not receive a 1099.  Vendors paid by P-Card will also not receive a 1099 from Tufts.

    1042S:  The 1042-S Payroll is issued to Foreign Nationals for wages exempted under a tax treaty.  No taxes are withheld.  This is different than the 1042-S A/P, which is for any Foreign National who receive “non-payroll income” whether subject to tax and/or exempted by a treaty.  Examples include scholarships*, fellowships* and honorariums.  Accounts Payable will issue one 1042-S form per income code and the form will indicate the tax rate  for that code (e.g. 0%, 14%, 30%, or others). *There will NOT be a 1042-S if the Scholarship/Fellowship is for "outside the U.S." since it is not considered U.S. Source Income.

    Need a copy?
    If you need a copy of your 1042s PAYROLL or if you are receiving a 1042S from BOTH PAYROLL AND ACCOUNTS PAYABLE, your 1042S form is available through FNIS. Log into FNIS, the secure Foreign National Information System website at:https://fnis.thomsonreuters.com/tufts 

    For a copy of your 1099 or for a 1042S AP, Contact TSS for assistance.

    Please note:  Tufts cannot provide advice or assistance in completing tax forms, nor can they offer tax advice.  The International Center has Sprintax Tax Prep software to assist you filing your tax return with the Federal and State Governments.  The International Center will email Access Codes to the eligible users by March. Once the user has the Access Code, he/she can register to use the software at https://global.tufts.edu/international-center/taxes-and-social-security/tax-preparation-and-assistancesprintax.  If a user did not receive the Access Code, please contact the International Center.


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