TSS - Pay Cycles and Reimbursement Schedules- Accounts Payable/AP

Pay Cycles and Reimbursement Schedules- Accounts Payable/AP

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First Published  :Thu Sep 18 17:29:43 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Fri Mar 25 18:42:42 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Fri Mar 25 18:42:42 GMT 2022
Summary :  When Accounts Payable runs payments


Primary Information

    Check Cycles run on Tuesday mornings. There may be some exceptions due to holidays or other workload demands. Checks are printed in the morning. The system will select for payment all vouchers that have a payment due date up through the Monday following as long as there is no Hold due to Approval Required or Match Exception.  For example, checks run on Tuesday 3/22/22 pulled payments scheduled through Monday 3/28/22.

    Payments to employees are issued via direct deposit rather than checks.

    EFT , CTX  and SUA pay cycles run on Mondays and Thursdays pull in scheduled payment through the following Wednesday and Sunday. Example EFT cycle run on Monday 3/21/22 pulled scheduled payments through Wednesday 3/23/22 AND on the Thursday 3/24/22 pulled through Sunday 3/27/22.

    If your request does not fit into normal payment cycles, or should you have additional questions, please Contact TSS.


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