TSS - Who Processes IDRs, Expense Transfers & Uploads?

Who Processes IDRs, Expense Transfers & Uploads?

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First Published  :Thu Sep 18 17:35:38 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Tue Dec 06 20:39:08 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Tue Dec 06 20:39:08 GMT 2022
Summary :  Information about Interdepartmental Requisitions and expense transfers


Primary Information

    The Finance staff at TSS process IDRs, Expense Transfers and Journal Uploads.

    Interdepartmental Requisitions (IDR’s) are often used when a department is purchasing goods or services from another department cost center within the university, such as Public Safety, Printing, Tufts Photography, and often times catering.  The requesting department should complete the IDR document, then email to the servicing department.  The servicing department will complete the request and the document, and send to TSS for processing into PeopleSoft financials.  A set of instructions on how to complete the IDR can be found on pages 2 and 3 of the IDR document

    Expense Transfers (also known as Cost Transfers) are used when there needs to be a correction made to a non-salary charge (or revenue posting) which has already been posted to PeopleSoft financials.  Once the Expense Transfer form is completed, you should send the document to either a) TSS, who will process deptid transactions only, or b) your post-award contact who will process any transactions affecting grants.  Things to remember when preparing an expense transfer include:

    • be mindful of the debit and credit entry/entries.  The debit (+) is the new deptid being charged whereas the credit (-) is the original transaction funding source.
    • the net of the lines of entry should equal zero (debits and credits net zero regardless of lines of transactions
    • digital signatures should be included for both the authorized provider and requestor

    TSS also processes Journal Entries and Journal Uploads.  Journal entries can be used to move any type of funds and with any account #s* as long as there are no Grants involved and as long as you are responsible for both the Debit and Credit Funding Sources (Dept IDs). Questions that pertain to using the journal upload process should be directed to TSS, or use the Step by Step instructions for Upload (see related information).  Note:  the upload templates do not work when using a MAC.

    *the following account #s should not be used unless special approval has been obtained by the Accounting Office: 
    X000, XX00 
    2370, 2371

    Also, the Uxxxx Dept IDs are only to be used by Central Accounting, as "holding" Dept IDs until other transactions are completed/allotted appropriately to correcting Dept IDs.  

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