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Tufts PO/Payment Inquiry

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First Published  :Thu Sep 18 19:20:17 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Mon Apr 11 17:30:10 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Mon Apr 11 17:30:10 GMT 2022
Summary :  Details when a supplier will be paid


Primary Information

    PO/Payment Inquiry is a system in PeopleSoft that will allow departments to view the status of a requisition or purchase order (PO), payment information on check vouchers, marketplace orders, and travel reimbursements.

    Verify the Status of Orders

    Enter the requisition or purchase order number and find out if the order has been placed, as well as what supplier was chosen and pricing.

    View Voucher and Payment Information

    The PO/Payment Inquiry system will show you the vouchers entered against the purchase order and whether they have been paid. The system will show you invoice and payment information when you enter a marketplace order number, check voucher number, or travel report (TR) number (add TR to the report number for electronic reports, for example TR12345; use the T# for paper reports).

    Access to PO/Payment Inquiry

    If you have access to PeopleSoft Financials, you already have access to PO/Payment Inquiry. The link is on the Self Service box when you first log in.  If you have a P-Card you also have access automatically.  If you need access to PO Inquiry without the card, complete the application on our Forms page.  

    New Access Requests

    If you do not have PeopleSoft Financials access and need to access PO/Payment Inquiry, please complete an application and then return the completed application to TSS.

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