TSS - Petty Cash: Policy and Locations

Petty Cash: Policy and Locations

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First Published  :Tue Sep 23 16:48:29 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Mon Nov 23 22:00:25 GMT 2020
Last Published  :Mon Nov 23 22:00:25 GMT 2020
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Primary Information

    Petty cash funds are intended to reimburse employees for minor, out-of-pocket expenses incurred on behalf of Tufts. Petty cash reimbursements should not exceed $50. Expense reimbursements above $50 should be processed via a Business Expense Form. All petty cash reimbursements must follow the Travel and Business Expense Guidelines.

    The Bursar’s Office is the primary source of petty cash (except on Grafton campus, where TSS handles). Completed and approved petty cash slips, along with the appropriate supporting documentation, should be presented to the Bursar Office on your campus (or to TSS in Grafton) for reimbursement.

    Please call the Bursar's Offices for a supply of forms. Those on the Grafton campus can contact the Boston Bursar's Office. 

    Petty Cash Reimbursement Procedures

    To receive a cash reimbursement, the employee must complete a Petty Cash slip. The slip must include a full description of the expense. For example, for local transportation, identify the purpose of the trip, date of travel, destination, mileage, itemized parking expense etc. Vague explanations such as ‘supplies’ and ‘office expense’ etc. are not acceptable, and the reimbursement will not be honored. A four digit account and Dept ID must be shown. The slip must be completed in ink or typed.

    Original receipts for the amount of the voucher must be attached to the slip. Photocopies will not be accepted. Individual expenses in excess of the $50.00 may not be split to accommodate the Petty Cash limits.

    There are 3 signature lines on the Petty Cash Slip:
    1. Requested By- whoever spent the funds
    2. Supervisory Approval
    3. Received Payment (to be signed in the presence of the cashier- whoever is picking up the funds)

    1. The Petty Cash slip must be signed by the requestor on the line for "Requested By". 
    2. The slip must be approved by the requestor’s supervisor or person responsible for the budget. Department Heads, P.I.s and responsible officials must have their own request approved by their supervisor.

    3. The person receiving the cash must sign the slip at the time of reimbursement on the line for "Received Payment". He or she will be asked to present their university identification card.

    The requesting department must keep the duplicate (yellow) copy for its records.

    Petty cash cannot be used to reimburse the following types of expenses:
    • Payments to individuals for services rendered, or reimbursement for such expenditures
    • Meals in restaurants or entertainment expenses of ANY amount. (Apptricity must be used)
    • Over-night or out-of-town travel expenses. (Apptricity must be used)
    • Expenses over $50.00
    • Cell Phone Reimbursement
    • Alcohol

    Petty Cash Locations

    Boston Campus
    Bursar’s Office
    Posner Hall – Suite 101
    x66553 or x66557
    Grafton Campus
    Admin Services Building

    x77000 (but Petty Cash Forms should be requested from the Boston Bursar, as TSS does not have a Supply) 
    Medford Campus

    Bursar’s Office
    Dowling Hall - 7th Floor

Related Information

    Petty Cash Reconciliation Form - to be used in place of Petty Cash Envelopes (no longer used as of February 2017- please contact Controller's Office if you have questions about this).