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Student Travel Overview

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First Published  :Tue Sep 23 18:47:23 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Tue Dec 08 20:53:48 GMT 2020
Last Published  :Tue Dec 08 20:53:48 GMT 2020
Summary :  Describes booking and expensing travel for students


Primary Information

    To treat student expenses as a reimbursable business expense, the student must incur the cost while on university business.  Students who are “active participants” (i.e., traveling to conferences to represent Tufts or present a paper) are considered to be traveling on behalf of the university and can be reimbursed.   Similarly, individuals/groups that are traveling as part of a formal student organization or club are considered to be on university business.  Students traveling to a conference as a means of advancing their personal knowledge are deemed to have received a travel scholarship and should be paid via a Check Voucher as opposed to a Travel Expense Reimbursement Form.  

    All student travel must adhere to established university policies and procedures.


    It is recommended that departments obtain a Travel Authorization Number (T-Number) for all students (see Travel Authorization and T-Numbers)  and arrange travel through Tufts Travel Agencies, Hotel & Rental Car Contracts.  Doing so minimizes the out-of-pocket expenses of the student and provides the university with additional financial oversight.

    When booking the airfare or pre-paid hotels, give the travel agent the cost center (DeptID, Proj/Grant) and let the agent know to charge Tufts “Ghost Card”.  By doing so the cost center will automatically be charged and show on Financial Reports.

    International Travel

    In commitment to your safety and well-being abroad, you are required to register all university-related international travel with the Tufts Travel Registry.  If you are traveling on a university-funded or sponsored trip to a country or a region with a U.S. State Department travel advisory, you must submit a Travel Review application and receive University approval in advance.


    Corporate Card/e-Expense.

    At this time the e-Expense system is for employees only.  Students are not eligible for a Corporate Card.
    If the student is travelling on behalf of the university, employees can use their Corporate Card to book student travel.  The cardholder is responsible for obtaining the student’s receipts and completing a report in e-Expense.

    If the student is traveling with the cardholder, the cardholder can charge expenses to their card as needed.  


    When necessary the university corporate card should be used for the prepayment of all travel expenses however when not feasible, the traveler should request prepayment via an eREQ (See Adding Attachments to a Submitted Requisition in eREQ).

    Per Diems

    Students can use per diems (See Per Diem Rates). If an employee is traveling with students, he/she can pay for and be reimbursed for students’ meals and incidental expenses.

    In e-Expense, you need only create one report for the trip.  The travelers’ names must be clearly indicated.

    Reimbursing Expenses

    If the student has out of pocket travel expenses, a Travel Expense Reimbursement Form needs to be completed. People who need help reconciling their out of pocket expenses should Contact TSS.  Prior to being reimbursed, the student will need to complete a PaymentWorks reimbursement form, which TSS will send the invitation for if needed. If the Department would like to give the Student/Guest advance notice that they may be expecting an email from PaymentWorks, please feel free to use this template: "As we move forward in making payment to you from Tufts, you’ll be receiving an email from PaymentWorks with instructions to register with your payee details.  This is a requirement in order to be paid by the university.  If you have any questions please contact tss@tufts.edu or call 617-627-7000.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation." 

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