TSS - Travel Policy and Guidelines

Travel Policy and Guidelines

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First Published  :Tue Sep 23 18:55:51 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Wed May 22 12:58:06 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Wed May 22 12:58:06 GMT 2019
Summary :  General travel policy and guideline information


Primary Information

    Travel Policy

    Tufts faculty, staff, and students are periodically required to travel on behalf of the university in furtherance of its educational and research mission. The intent of this policy is to help facilitate that travel and is designed to be fair and equitable to both the traveler and the university. It applies to all university travel regardless of the funding source. To be reimbursable, all expenses incurred must be necessary to the business of the university and in compliance with IRS, state and/or granting agency regulations and represent a reasonable and appropriate use of university funds.

    The university travel policy is outlined in general terms and is not intended to cover every possible situation or scenario that may arise. In all matters, travelers are representing Tufts and should act in an ethical, practical and fiscally responsible manner.  Please make specific note of the timeliness of reports being completed upon return from the trip.  If the traveler is a guest or student, they will need to complete a PaymentWorks application.

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    days to file travel report