TSS - Employee Travel Overview

Employee Travel Overview

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First Published  :Wed Sep 24 15:44:47 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Tue Nov 06 19:33:49 GMT 2018
Last Published  :Tue Nov 06 19:33:49 GMT 2018
Summary :  Travel Policy described


Primary Information

    Tufts faculty and staff are periodically required to travel on behalf of the university in furtherance of its educational and research mission. The intent of this policy is to help facilitate that travel and is designed to be fair and equitable to both the traveler and the university. It applies to all university travel regardless of the funding source. To be reimbursable, all expenses incurred must be necessary to the business of the university and in compliance with IRS, state and/or granting agency regulations and represent a reasonable and appropriate use of university funds.

    The university travel policy is outlined in general terms and is not intended to cover every possible situation or scenario that may arise. In all matters, travelers are representing Tufts and should act in an ethical, practical and fiscally responsible manner.

    All travel must adhere to established university policies and procedures


    Tufts has established relationships with Travel Agencies to provide a full range of travel services to university employees. Those agencies can help make travel arrangements for Tufts employees, as well as nonemployees, including students and university guests.  In addition, employees may also contact Tufts Support Services for assistance booking travel arrangements.  When calling TSS for booking assistance, please be prepared to provide intake information to our agents. 

    Tufts Corporate Card should be used to the fullest extent possible to pay all travel-related and/or business expenses.

    International Travel

    In commitment to your safety and well-being abroad, we encourage you to consult these resources prior to traveling: This list is not intended to be exhaustive but to provide main sources of information prior to traveling abroad. Travelers are encouraged to conduct extensive pre-travel research.


    Corporate Card/e-Expense

    Tufts Corporate Card should be used to the fullest extent possible to pay all travel-related and/or business expenses. Tufts Corporate Card must be used to pay travel- or business-related charges, such as hotel costs, rental car costs, and meals.  See: How to Obtain a Corporate Card.  Future related travel expenses such as airfare, conference fees, deposits on cars or hotels should be assigned to a newly created report with actual trip dates within the Apptricity report.  This will allow the expenses to be aged via the trip dates and not the date of the expense itself.  Please refer to the report number and submit when you return with other expenses incurred.


    When necessary the University Corporate Card should be used for the prepayment of all travel expenses however when not feasible, the traveler should request prepayment via  eREQ.

    Per Diems

    Reimbursement at Tufts can take two forms:
    • Reimbursement for actual costs incurred via original receipts
    • Per Diem for meals and incidental expenses (M&IE)
    The Corporate Card cannot be used to pay for Meals & Incidentals when taking per diem allowances.  See Per Diem Rates or the Per Diem Need to Know Tip Sheet.

    Reimbursing Expenses

    If the employee has out of pocket travel expenses, they should be entered in the e-Expense report. See Obtaining Access to e-Expense.  An employee can use the e-expense system themselves, or receipts and required trip information/travel intake form can be sent to TSS for processing (via email, web or campus mail). Note that even if an employee sends receipts to TSS for processing, e-Expense access is required because the TSS travel group will route the employee's report for approval through this system.  It is important to complete your travel report in a timely fashion.  Read this section for specifics regarding actions taken as a result of untimely reports. 

    In the event that a Tufts Mastercard cardholder has lost a receipt, a missing receipt affidavit signed by the cardholder and supervisor will be allowed.

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