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Travel Overview

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First Published  :Wed Sep 24 15:44:47 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Mon Mar 14 20:51:08 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Mon Mar 14 20:51:08 GMT 2022
Summary :  Travel Policy described


Primary Information

    The intent of the travel policy is to help facilitate Tufts University travel and is designed to be fair and equitable to both the traveler and the university. It applies to all university travel regardless of the funding source. To be reimbursable, all expenses incurred must be necessary to the business of the university and in compliance with IRS, state and/or granting agency regulations and represent a reasonable and appropriate use of university funds.  

    Use the helpful links below when seeking specific travel information:

    The Tufts Corporate Travel Card – how to apply, the benefits and more!

    Booking Travel – including our preferred travel agents
    Did you know that TSS can book a trip for you?  If interested in this service, complete the Travel Booking Intake Form and email to tss@tufts.edu.  One of our travel representatives will contact you.

    Making arrangements for guest travel and accommodations

    Traveling Internationally?  Adhere to university policy by registering your trip with the Tufts Travel Registry before you go, and become familiar how our insurance provider (ISOS) can help with the unexpected!

    Reporting & Reimbursing Expenses
    The university has what is known in IRS terms as an “Accountable Plan.” Under this program, travelers are required to substantiate all expenses with actual, itemized receipts or they can utilize a federally established per diem amount for all meals and incidental expenses. Itemized receipts are required for all lodging and rental car expenses. Also, itemized receipts are required for any meal charged to a federal grant when a per diem allowance is not utilized. The Corporate Card cannot be used to pay for Meals & Incidentals when taking per diem allowances. (For information about per diems amounts please click here). The reimbursement method must apply to the entire trip, that is, you cannot utilize receipts for some meal expenses and claim the per diem amount for other meals for the same trip. Want to know a per diem rate before traveling?  Visit this site for domestic or here for foreign. Good financial practice requires all travel reports/reconciliations be submitted in a timely manner, typically within 30 days of completing the travel.  Periodic reminders will be sent to the traveler when this timeframe is not met.

    Faculty and staff (including postdocs) will use our online travel and expense system, Apptricity (aka e-Expense) to produce an expense report and be reimbursed.  The traveler can create the report themselves, can authorize a surrogate to prepare it for them, or TSS can complete a report with submission of digital receipts and a Travel Report Intake Form.  If a student or guest needs reimbursement, the Electronic Check Voucher system must be used. 


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