TSS - Obtaining Access to eREQ

Obtaining Access to eREQ

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First Published  :Wed Sep 24 18:12:19 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Wed Mar 06 19:24:59 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Wed Mar 06 19:24:59 GMT 2019
Summary :  Steps to follow in order to gain access to the electronic requisitioning system


Primary Information

    eREQ is Tufts' online Electronic Requisitioning System.

    You can create requisitions, allocate charges to your DeptIDs or grants, in accordance with your specific, authorized profiles and forward these requisitions to on-line approvers in accordance with local and University approval policies. Supporting documentation in electronic format can also be attached to requisitions.  Once requisitions are approved, a purchase order is generated.

    To access eREQ, log in through the Finance Portal.

    To obtain access to eREQ, complete the eREQ/Marketplace application. Here is the Manual and some videos to help you use eREQ:

    > Prepare an E-REQ  (Video)
    > Approve an E-REQ (Video)

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