TSS - Purchase Order: How do I Clear a Match Exception?

Purchase Order: How do I Clear a Match Exception?

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First Published  :Wed Oct 01 16:53:11 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Fri Oct 07 18:19:10 GMT 2016
Last Published  :Fri Oct 07 18:19:10 GMT 2016
Summary :  how to resolve a discrepancy between an invoice amount and a PO amount


Primary Information

    A match exception occurs when the invoice amount exceeds the purchase order amount. For example, if the PO is issued for $100 and the invoice is received with a greater value, this is what causes a match exception.  The exception could be the sum of the invoices or an individual invoice.   If a match exception occurs, the requester will receive an email from TSS with further instructions.  NOTE:  a match exception does not occur when shipping is paid by AP without those charges being included in the PO amount.

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