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Marketplace Suppliers

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First Published  :Wed Oct 01 17:01:13 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Tue Jun 29 12:50:52 GMT 2021
Last Published  :Tue Jun 29 12:50:52 GMT 2021
Summary :  This article provides information about participating suppliers on The Tufts Marketplace


Primary Information

    Suppliers currently on the Marketplace

    Airgas, Apple, Benco, CDWG, Dell, ThermoFisher, GovConnection, Grainger, Life Technologies (formerly Invitrogen), Metropolitan Pipe, Qiagen, Schein, Sigma, Staples (for print), Supply Center by Life Tech, VWR, WB Mason, Bio-Rad Laboratories and McKesson Medical Surgical.

    Note that as of 1/19/2017, Staples is no longer on the Marketplace at all. Staples was still on the Marketplace through 1/18/2017, but NOT for Office Supplies. It was still listed for "Personal Identity" items like business cards and letterhead. Office Supplies were already blocked.

    Adding New Suppliers

    The Purchasing department is actively expanding the number of suppliers.  Please contact TSS (tss@tufts.edu) to suggest a new supplier be added to the marketplace.  They will record the request, send to Central Purchasing, and someone will contact you.

Related Information

    The cap for shopping with the Marketplace is $9,999 per order.



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