TSS - Completing a Change Order in eREQ

Completing a Change Order in eREQ

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First Published  :Wed Oct 01 17:08:27 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Mon Mar 07 17:00:26 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Mon Mar 07 17:00:26 GMT 2022
Summary :  If you are an E-REQ user and need to complete a "change order" this article will provide important instruction.


Primary Information

    Changing a Purchase Order (PO) amount

    The line total should be the amount by which you want to increase the Purchase Order (PO).

    The eREQ will be routed for approval based on the new total for the purchase order.

    Example:  if an existing PO is $2,000 and you wish to increase the total to $5,000, the Line Amount should equal $3,000 and the approver will be approving the sum of $5,000 (see below).

    If you are asking TSS to make the change for you, please make sure to advise which Line Item to increase.


    Changing the Account, Deptid or Proj/Grant

    Please write a detailed description of what is being modified as part of the eReq line description.  Once approved, Purchasing will look at the description and make changes as indicated.

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