TSS - Performance Development Program-Manager Using the online Performance Review

Performance Development Program-Manager Using the online Performance Review

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First Published  :Thu Nov 20 20:35:51 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Wed Jul 12 18:08:56 GMT 2017
Last Published  :Wed Jul 12 18:08:56 GMT 2017
Summary :  Reference for managers who have questions about using the online performance review system to write a performance review. Audience: Managers


Primary Information

    Managers can learn how to use the online Performance Review tool through resources on the Tufts Employee Learning and Development (TELD) website, where they can access a 15-minute self-paced eLearning for how to use the online performance review to write reviews.

    Note:  When a manager goes into an employee’s performance review and receives a message that there are no key performance areas for the employee, that just means that the individual does not have key performance areas documented in their FY16 Performance Plan, but it does not stop the manager from writing the review. If that message is received, click “OK” and the
    “Additional Comments and Ratings” page will appear. There are two text boxes on that page for areas for continuous improvement and additional accomplishments; feedback can be entered there.  NOTE:  the copy/paste function does not work (neither the key board shortcuts or the mouse) in the online performance planning and review system when using Internet Explorer.  Keyboard shortcuts for copy/paste do work in both Firefox and Chrome.

    Read the Communication of Timelines for Managers for more information.

    Additional Manager Resources, such as a SMART Goal Worksheet, Feedback Planner, and Options to solicit employee feedback are available on the Performance and Development section of AccessTufts.

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