TSS - Performance Development Program-Using the Online Performance Plan

Performance Development Program-Using the Online Performance Plan

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First Published  :Thu Nov 20 21:45:25 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Thu Apr 07 12:57:07 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Thu Apr 07 12:57:07 GMT 2022
Summary :  Reference for employees and managers who have questions about how to use their Online Performance Plan in the Performance Development Program. Audience: Staff, Managers


Primary Information

    Goal setting is typically done at the beginning of the fiscal year, in July and August. The Performance Planning system (goals) opens for the new fiscal year in July and stays open throughout the year so that employees and managers can make edits or additions to goals as needed.  Managers and employees should always discuss changes or additions to the Performance Plan prior to the edits being done in the system.  Mid-year checkpoint review is typically done in the December/January timeframe.  The Performance Review system typically opens sometime in March for managers to begin writing reviews. The goal is to have reviews written and delivered in the May/June timeframe.

    Employees can learn how to use the Online Performance Review Tool through resources on Access Tufts, where they can find a tip sheet with instructions on using the online performance plan for adding and updating key performance areas (goals).  

    • If a KPA/goal was put on hold, reprioritized or entered in error, we suggest adding a note at the beginning of the KPA text indicating that such as “Goal put on hold due to change in department priorities” or whatever the reason/issue is.  
    • If a manager goes into an employee’s performance review and receives a message that there are no key performance areas for the employee, that just means that the individual does not have key performance areas documented in their Performance Plan, but it does not stop the manager from writing the review. Click “OK” and the “Additional Comments and Ratings” page will appear. There are two text boxes on that page for areas for continuous improvement and additional accomplishments; feedback can be entered there.  Managers may also upload the document that the performance review is written by using the attachment function on this page.
    • Due to the sensitive nature of the information in Employee Self Service, the system "times out" after 20 minutes of no activity in the system.  Changes not saved prior to the system timing out will be lost.  It is recommended to save often as you are writing in the online system.  You may also write the performance review in a Word document and either copy and paste into the text fields, or upload the document as an attachment on the Additional Comments and Rating page.
    • Note:  the copy/paste function does not work (neither the key board shortcuts or the mouse) in the online performance planning and review system when using Internet Explorer.  Keyboard shortcuts for copy/paste do work in both Firefox and Chrome. 



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