TSS - Tufts Staff/Faculty ID Card

Tufts Staff/Faculty ID Card

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First Published  :Fri Nov 21 03:43:04 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Wed Feb 17 16:37:30 GMT 2021
Last Published  :Wed Feb 17 16:37:30 GMT 2021
Summary :  Reference for staff and faculty on how to obtain a Tufts Employee ID card.


Primary Information

    New Employees can not obtain a badge until after the I-9 is completed. 

    An authorized person in the Department must contact Public Safety to advise specific buildings or areas that access is needed for.

    For more information, refer to the Public Safety website.  The locations for the Public Safety Offices on each campus are below.

    Public Safety Office Locations:
    Boston Campus
    Biomedical Research and Public Health Building (M&V)
     136 Harrison Avenue
     Boston, MA 02111
    (617) 636-6911 or x66911 emergency
    (617) 636-6610 or x66610 telephone
    Grafton Campus
    Administrative Services Building (Bldg. 15)
     200 Westborough Road
     North Grafton, MA 01536
    (508) 839-5303 or x66911 emergency
    (508) 887-4900 or x84900 telephone
    Medford/Somerville Campus
    419 Boston Avenue
    Medford, MA 02155
    (617) 627-6911 or x66911 emergency
    (617) 627-3030 or x73030 telephone

    An employee who is training on one campus but will be permanently working on a different campus can obtain an ID on the campus on which he/she is training, but should make sure not to purchase parking through that office, to ensure the correct rates are assessed.

    Please note that Public Safety is willing to mail ID cards to individuals, even out of state.  Employees should send correspondence to accessreq@tufts.edu with their request.

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