TSS - Express Mail and Shipping- UPS, Fedex, DHL, Skycom Courier

Express Mail and Shipping- UPS, Fedex, DHL, Skycom Courier

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First Published  :Fri Nov 21 16:46:44 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Wed May 11 19:22:36 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Wed May 11 19:22:36 GMT 2022
Summary :  This article will assist with completing express mail and shipping materials.


Primary Information

    Tufts University has contracts with various suppliers for express mail.  Visit the Purchasing web-site for additional information.  https://access.tufts.edu/purchasing-express-mail-shipping

    There is no standard Tufts Account number; each Department must set up its' own account. Bill Thistle in Purchasing should have a record of which Departments are associated with which existing UPS Account numbers.

    New Accounts
    To request a new account, see the list of Account Representatives/Account Managers for each Shipping company or send an e-mail to Bill Thistle.

    Federal Express invoices are billed electronically. Please do not use your P-Card. If you are currently using a P-Card or getting invoice via paper, please email Purchasing to convert your account to Electronic billing (EDI).

    Charging Express Mail to Grants
    If you are using a Federal Grant, you must also put account number 5416.
    You can only use Federal Grants for US Mail, Fed Ex, DHL, etc. if you are shipping research material to a funding agency or to another institution/company directly involved in the research.
    Visit the Post-Award/OVPR site for Allowable & Unallowable charges for Federal Grants. or read the Uniform Guidance 2 CFR, 
    § 200.474 Transportation costs.

    Filling out an Airbill
    Employees who are initiating overnight mail should complete all billing information on the airbill slip. This includes DeptID and Project/Grant if applicable. See below for sample airbills. Invoices that do not have complete cost center will not be investigated by AP.  The charge will be posted to the primary DeptID of the sender and Account 5413, which is obtained via PeopleSoft’s chart of accounts, and reviewed by your school financial representative.  Please note that Financial Services will not allow subsequent Expense Transfers for those charges defaulting to the Primary DeptID. Account number 5413 will default on all Federal Express and DHL charges.

    Format of Cost Centers: You must put a space between the DeptID and Proj/Grant – please do not use dashes or slashes.
    • If you are charging a Dept ID, only put the Dept ID: Example: W000100
    • If you are charging project/grant, you need to put DeptID space Proj/Grant: Example: W000001 NNN100
    • If you are charging a Federal Grant, you must use account number 5416: Example: 5416 W000001 NNN100


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