TSS - I-9 Employment Verification Process

I-9 Employment Verification Process

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First Published  :Tue Nov 25 03:51:37 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Wed Oct 26 16:57:33 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Wed Oct 26 16:57:33 GMT 2022
Summary :  Reference for employees who have inquiries regarding I-9 forms, employment eligibility, and the process for employment verification. Audience: All US based employees


Primary Information

    Welcome to Tufts!

    Completing your I-9 is a critical, required step in your on-boarding, and we look forward to assisting you.

    During your onboarding process, you will receive an email from I-9Everywhere - a third-party remote I-9 Verification provider - through which you may complete your remote I-9 form:
    1. Complete Section 1 of your I-9 online at I-9Everywhere.com upon receiving your invitationYou may complete your I-9 before or on your first day of employment. You will select and upload documents that can prove your citizenship status. Please consulte the Acceptable Documents list linked below. Upon completion of Section 1, you will be prompted to select someone from your personal network (a colleague, friend or family member) to review your original documents in-person with you. Be sure to notify the individual that you have selected them to avoid confusion. Note, you do not need to come to campus, unless you choose to have a colleague or friend complete Section 2 on campus. 
    2. Complete Section 2 of your I-9 in-person with a member of your network.   When you are together in-person, this individual can reference the link provided in their email/text message from I-9Everywhere, and will be prompted to review the original documents you provide and complete the process online. 
    That's it! Once your authorized representative has completed Section 2 of your I-9, the I-9 will be reviewed by an audit team at I-9Everywhere for Compliance purposes.
    • If I-9 Everywhere needs supplementary photos, updated documentation, etc., they will reach out to you directly. 
    • If you encounter any technical issues with I-9Everywhere, please contact them at 866-661-1500 or i9@i9everywhere.com
    • If you need to change your authorized representative at any time, you may simply log into I-9Everywhere.com to do so, or contact TSS (tss@tufts.edu) and we can make the change on your behalf. 
    If you would like a Tufts Support Services Representative to serve as your I-9 Representative:  You will need to make an appointment. Click on the campus where you would like I-9 Documents verified (this does not need to be the campus you are working on). We cannot guarantee walk-in appointments will be accommodated at this time, to adhere to social distancing guidelines.
    • Boston Office - Tufts Dental School Building - 1 Kneeland Street, 1st floor, Room 105A (within Room 105, by the elevators), Boston, MA
    • Grafton Office - Central Services Building – 7 Jumbo’s Path, Grafton, MA
    • Medford/Somerville Office - TAB Building, 3rd Floor, Finance Lobby – 169 Holland St., Somerville, MA 
    • SMFA Office230 The Fenway - Front entrance of the SMFA Dean’s Suite in room B203a, Boston, MA
     For a brief overview of the I-9 Everywhere process, please watch this video:
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    See the resources below for a full overview of the onboarding process: 

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