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Annual Merit Review

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First Published  :Tue Nov 25 21:45:21 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Wed Sep 11 20:35:31 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Wed Sep 11 20:35:31 GMT 2019
Summary :  Reference for all employees who have inquiries about the Merit Review Process for employees at the University. Audience: Managers, Supervisors, Employees


Primary Information

    Merit Review Process
    Performance & Merit Review Timeline - Format 1 or see Format 2 below (modification of chart on Annual Merit Page of AccessTufts)

    2019 Performance Review & Merit Process Timeline

    March 18 Online Performance Review Opens
    March 25 Manager should request Employee Performance Summary
    April 1 Manager should begin drafting Performance Reviews with Performance Ratings
    April 29Begin holding Performance Review Meetings

    April 29 - May 10

    Annual merit system becomes available for managers/supervisors to enter performance rating and merit increase recommendations.

    May 10, 2019 Deadline - managers complete entry of performance rating and merit increases for their direct report employees.

    May 13 - May 30

    Schools/Division senior management review merit entry data for all direct and indirect reports to assess whether or not recommendations are rolling up within budget. Schools/Division senior management make edits to ensure budget requirements are met.

    May 30, 2019 Deadline - Schools/Division Senior Management complete final review and edits of area's merit data.

    June 3 - June 14:

    HR Compensation completes audit, approval and preparation of data for transfer to PeopleSoft payroll system.

    June 10 - June 14:

    HR provides notification to Schools/Division senior management that audits are complete and approval to communicate increases. Increases are effective the first pay period in July.

    June 14All Performance Review Meetings should be complete and groundwork for FY 20 goals should be laid  
    June 21 Merit should be communicated by this date
    1st Pay Period in July Merit increases should be processed in employee checks

    Merit Pay is directly connected to an employee’s performance of job responsibilities and achievement of goals for the year and reflects Tufts pay for performance philosophy. The overall merit budget is set according to the competitive market and the university’s ability to pay. Tufts managers/supervisors have discretion to determine an employee’s pay increase within each of the four Performance Categories based on university guidelines and approval by school or division senior management.
    • Employees who receive a rating of "Does Not Meet Expectations" will not receive an increase
    • Pay increase related to performance
    • Overall merit budget set according to competitive market and the university’s financial situation
    • Individual must be employed before April 1 to be eligible
    • Employees receiving promotions on or after April 1 not eligible
    • Manager conducts performance review and recommends increase
    • Increases reviewed by school/division Senior Administrator
    • New salaries implemented at start of fiscal year

     From AccessTufts "Annual Review Process: Merit Increase Program" page

     2019 Merit Pool

    For 2019, the university has asked schools and divisions to plan for a merit budget pool of up to 2.55% and has established merit distribution guidelines that will be posted in the online merit system for easy access and reference. However, some schools and divisions have discretion to plan for a lower merit amount based upon fiscal circumstances. Those schools and divisions shall publish their own merit guidelines accordingly. A manager/supervisor’s spending must remain at or below their established merit pool.

    A manager/supervisor should also consider whether performance fits solidly within the category or approaches a higher or lower rating to determine a merit increase. Managers/supervisors have discretion to use the increase ranges to recognize their employees and manage spending within the budget.

    Annual Merit System

    Annual merit increases will be processed through the merit system application that will be available through Employee Self Service on April 29, 2019. The system will allow you to:

    • View your direct report employees and their current annual pay rates.
    • View the merit pool for your group of employees.
    • Enter and save performance ratings for your direct report employees using a drop-down list.*
    • Enter and save your direct reports' merit increase recommendations and view calculation of the new pay rates based on your recommended increases.
    • View how much you have allocated for increases against the merit pool for your direct reports.
    • View any indirect reports' rating and merit increase recommendations that your lower level supervisor/managers have entered in the system.

    *Please note: if you have finished your performance reviews in the on-line performance review system, the ratings in that system will populate the annual review merit system.

    The Budget Center will analyze the impact of approved merit increases related to grant funded positions.

    For More Information

    For questions about the Annual Review process, please reach out to your Human Resources Business Partner.


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