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Direct Deposit for Payroll

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First Published  :Tue Nov 25 22:54:29 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Thu May 27 16:43:49 GMT 2021
Last Published  :Thu May 27 16:43:49 GMT 2021
Summary :  Reference for employees who have inquiries about direct deposit. Audience: Employees


Primary Information

    Direct Deposit
    Direct deposit is a condition of hire for regular employees. Accordingly, all employees must maintain a checking or savings account with a banking institution. With direct deposit, the net pay is deposited into a bank of your choice. Without a bank account for direct deposits, you cannot be paid.  However, every new hire will most likely receive a check, not direct deposit, for the first one to two pay cycles on the payroll. This allows time for the bank to verify the accuracy of the direct deposit information.  In rare cases, due to timing, there is the possibility that the first pay will be Direct Deposited. The 
    employee can check eServe to confirm whether or not all or a portion of the Direct Deposit has gone through.Please note that direct deposits must be made to the employee's bank account only, not to an account with another name (such as a parent's name). It is the employee's responsibility to confirm with the selected bank that they can receive ACH  (Automated Clearing House) payments, Tufts payroll uses ACH files for all direct deposit payments. 
    Direct deposit information can be changed at any time* by logging onto eServe and updating your information using Employee Self Service.  Please use this Tip Sheet:
    Edit your Direct Deposit information. Please Note: As of June 3, 2019, the appearance of eServe has changed. The steps in this process will mostly remain the same, but your screen may not match these images. We are working on updating this document. Also, as of June 3, 2019, multiple changes to Direct Deposit are permitted in the same day.
    The first one to two pay cycles after a change are a 'pre-note' process that is required by the banks, and thus the employee will most likely receive a paper check for that portion of their deposit the first pay after the change*. However, the employee can check eServe to confirm whether or not all or a portion of the Direct Deposit has gone through. Note:  when in eserve, you can add accounts and allocate funds as you wish by clicking the Edit your Direct Deposit Information.  If you have multiple accounts for deposit, you must specify the order that funds will be distributed to those accounts.  You may also delete any direct deposit account, EXCEPT the balance row. If you would like to designate another direct deposit account as your “balance” account, just edit the information in the balance row with the new account information and then you can Edit or Delete the other accounts.
    *as of June 3rd, 2019, unlimited # of changes can be made in one day (prior limitation was one change per 24 hour period) 

    NOTE: If you make any changes to the accounts that already exist – i.e.: changing amounts or percentages, these accounts will NOT need to pre-note again. 

    If you DELETE an account, it will take effect immediately (and the funds will be issued to the Balance of Net Pay Account).

    Pre-noting WILL occur if you add new accounts or accidentally remove the already listed accounts and add them back in or if you accidentally select submit without making any change. 

    If there are two established deposit accounts and a third is added as new, the first two will remain intact for the payroll – only the new account will be submitted for pre-noting, not all three.

    Note: Any paper checks received should be deposited with a bank teller or at a branch ATM. There is a possible error message, "insufficient funds", you may receive when trying to use a mobile deposit app or an ATM machine not located at a branch. Our checks are issued on a Bank of America account so this is a good option for cashing your check.
    Once the "insufficient funds" message is received, the same paper check can not be redeposited. Instead we need to wait for our bank, Bank of America, to send a message to Payroll that the deposit was rejected. This needs to be communicated from the receiving bank to Bank of America. Until Bank of America notifies Payroll, a reissue cannot be attempted.



Related Information

    Link to Employee Self Service: https://access.tufts.edu/eserve

    As of June 3, 2019, multiple changes to Direct Deposit are permitted in the same day.
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