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University Holidays

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First Published  :Tue Nov 25 23:17:40 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Tue Feb 15 18:37:56 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Tue Feb 15 18:37:56 GMT 2022
Summary :  Reference for all constituents of Tufts with inquiries about time off on University holidays. Audience: All employees who are covered by the employee handbook, not by CBA or contract employment (Note: Faculty time off varies by school)


Primary Information

    Tufts University recognizes the following days as University holidays:


    * When these days fall on a Sunday, the holiday will be observed on the following Monday; when they fall on a Saturday, the holiday will be observed on the previous Friday.

    ** When Christmas Eve and Christmas Day both fall on a weekday, employees will receive both days as holidays.

    Regular, full-time employees receive pay for University holidays, without any waiting period. Regular, part-time employees will receive pay only for the holidays which occur on the days they are regularly scheduled to work.

    The University recognizes the right of employees to observe the holidays of their religion. At the employee's discretion, time taken for this reason may be considered vacation time, personal days, or absence without pay. Employees should discuss religious holidays with their supervisors well ahead of time, so that the supervisor can prepare for the employee’s absence from the workplace.

     Information pertaining to Bonus Days, Winter Break and pay practices for these days is detailed at this site.

    Note: Faculty time off varies by school. Please see the faculty administration of your school or the Provost's office for more information.


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