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First Published  :Wed Nov 26 20:23:58 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Tue Jun 28 12:49:29 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Tue Jun 28 12:49:29 GMT 2022
Summary :  Reference for employees who have questions regarding timekeeping policies and time entry processes. Audience: Non-Exempt Employees


Primary Information

    Recording Hours Worked:

    The University is required by state and federal law to keep accurate records of hours worked by non-exempt and salaried non-exempt employees. Departments are responsible for maintaining attendance records for both non-exempt staff types and time off records including sick, personal, and vacation time for all employees. Each week, an authorized department staff member will enter the hours worked from the previous week for non-exempt and salaried non-exempt employees (staff, student workers, and temporary employees) into the University’s Time Entry System (within eServe). Access to this system is obtained through completion of an application. Note: The recording of time off for exempt staff is handled differently via a Time Off Tracking feature in eServe.  

    Typically, time entry is due by 3:00 on Tuesdays, as the weekly payroll runs on Wednesday. There are times throughout a year when that schedule varies due to holidays/closures.  To remain current on payroll deadlines, time entry submitters should add the payroll calendar to your Outlook.  Alternatively, you can check the Payroll Calendars published on the TSS website.

    Getting Started:

    Please refer to the Time Entry Manual for step by step instructions and/or sign up for training to learn the process.  If working off campus, you must be signed on the VPN to have full access to Time Entry.

    Things to Know:
    • In time entry, a roster of weekly paid employees is listed alphabetically. A timekeep is not fluid, once opened an individual will not be added or removed. Should an individual not appear on the roster as you would expect (remember, exempt staff will not appear), it may be that the I-9 for that person has yet to be completed or was completed after the timekeep was opened, or that an ePAF (personnel action) has not been submitted prior to the day the payroll file is produced.  For questions about this, contact TSS.  
    • If you notice an individual’s name that should be removed from the payroll file, an action must be taken, e.g., Separation, Change PAF (if moving to a different Timekeep); for Students/Temps, the ePAF user can complete the Termination in ePAF.
    • Time Sheets: Departments may choose to use a timesheet document or a form of their own design. These forms should be kept in the department for six years per https://dca.tufts.edu/records-management/records-retention/employment-records/158#node-186. The TSS recommendation (and practice) is actually to retain Payroll records for 10 years. Timesheets must be signed by the employee's Manager and must be submitted to TSS by the Manager or Timekeep.
    • Newly hired employees will not show up immediately in the Time Entry System. A New Hire Timesheet is available to be used for these new staff or student employees. The New Hire Timesheet should be sent to TSS so the employee can receive timely pay for hours worked. Note: the Timesheet will not be processed unless there is a valid I-9 on file. Timesheets must be signed by the employee's Manager and must be submitted to TSS by the Manager or Timekeep.  Important Tip:  Please send separate emails to TSS@tufts.edu for each timesheet because there is the chance that one or more will not be set up to be paid right away.  Payroll will handle them on a case-by-case basis. In the event you are submitting timesheets for established hires who have already been paid, one email is ok for multiple employees and we keep track by Timekeep.
    • The following reports are available by going to Navigator-Tufts Menus-Tufts Time Entry-Reports and all require a Control ID to be created. Further instructions for running reports are available in the Time Entry/ePAF Manual
    • Timekeep Generate Time Slips (Requires a Pay Run ID in the format WMMDDYY and a Timekeep Number): the Department may wish to use these to gather time internally prior to entering in Time Entry
    • Timekeep Exception Report (Requires a Pay Period End Date and a Timekeep Number): shows all hours that are not the Regular Time  Earnings Code for each Employee in a Timekeep
    • Timekeep Earnings and Hours (Requires a Pay Period End Date and a Timekeep Number):  shows all hours for each Earnings Code entered for each Employee in a Timekeep
    • YTD Hours by Timekeep (Similar to above but can be multiple Pay Periods for one Timekeep) 


Related Information

    Time Entry Tip Sheet

    PeopleSoft HRMS Account Application for access to Time Entry and/or ePAF. The left hand column is for Time Entry/Time Tracking/ePAF for Hiring. The right hand column is used for eServe Workforce Portal to Submit Requests for Personnel Actions like Supplements or Changes.

    Weekly Timesheet (PDF) – not for New Hires

    New Hire Timesheet (PDF)- for tracking purposes, email to TSS rather than Fax to the # on the sheet

    For New Hires, please send separate emails for each Timesheet because there is the chance that one or more will not be set up to be paid right away and we need to be able to handle them on a case by case basis. In the event you are submitting Timesheets for established Hires who have already been paid, one email is ok for multiple employees and we keep track by Timekeep

    Earnings Codes

    FY23 Attendance Record

    Employee Handbook



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