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Using PeopleSoft HRMS

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First Published  :Wed Nov 26 21:06:40 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Tue Dec 31 14:07:39 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Tue Dec 31 14:07:39 GMT 2019
Summary :  Reference for all employees who have inquiries about how to use PeopleSoft HRMS on the Tufts HR website. Audience: Employees


Primary Information

    PeopleSoft Human Resources is a web-based application that employees can use to access their time entry, ePAF, time-off tracking, etc. Users login by opening Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox and typing the following URL:
    https://hrss.uit.tufts.edu into the browser's address box. This will bring the user to a login screen that allows access to either Employee Self Service or PeopleSoft (logging in will allow the user to view one or both, depending on permissions; if the user has access to both, the single login will work for both).
    There is a tip sheet available for instruction on how to navigate PeopleSoft on the HR website.
    For problems accessing PeopleSoft, please contact the Tufts Technology Services during regular business hours:
    For problems with your data in PeopleSoft, please contact Tufts Support Services:
    Email: tss@tufts.edu
    Phone: 617.627.7000
    Fax: 617.627.7001
    Web: tss.tufts.edu

    PeopleSoft HRMS Applications can be obtain from TSS and completed forms should be sent to TSS. Please note that in order to get access to PeopleSoft HRMS, you must be either Faculty, Staff, or Person of Interest.

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