TSS - Death in the Family (Sympathy Days)

Death in the Family (Sympathy Days)

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First Published  :Wed Nov 26 21:59:20 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Tue Feb 05 05:07:43 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Tue Feb 05 05:07:43 GMT 2019
Summary :  Reference for all employees of Tufts with inquiries about the University policy regarding a death in the family/sympathy days. Audience: All employees who are covered by the employee handbook, not by CBA or contract employment (Note: For faculty, please see the faculty handbook for the faculty member’s school. For post-doc scholars, please see the post-doc handbook).


Primary Information

    Sympathy Days:
    Upon request, employees may be given sympathy leave of up to three (3) days in the event of the death of a family member of an individual living with them. Immediate family is defined as spouse, children (including stepchildren), daughter/son-in-law, mother/father-in-law, parent (including stepparent), brother or sister (including stepbrother and stepsister), brother/sister-in-law, grandparent, and grandchildren.  This benefit is extended to all employees, even those who are currently still within their trial period.
    Please visit the Tufts HR website and the Employee Handbook for more information on the University’s policy regarding sympathy days.

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