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Job Data Change

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First Published  :Thu Nov 27 01:35:55 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Fri Jan 10 14:56:18 GMT 2020
Last Published  :Fri Jan 10 14:56:18 GMT 2020
Summary :  Reference for managers employees who have inquiries on how to process changes to their work-related information due to situations such as transfers, promotions, change in supervisors, part-time/full-time, etc. Audience: Managers, Employees


Primary Information

    Personnel Action Form (PAF) Processing

    Changes occur throughout an employee’s career with the University. There are a variety of Personnel Action Forms (PAFs) available to update faculty and staff (PAF) and Student/Temp (ePAF) employee records and to process activity related to a Change during employment including promotion, transfer, Position change, Title Change, Pay Change, Hours/FTE Change, Supervisor Change, Department Change, Timekeep change, Work Location Change.

    Please see Submitting Personnel Actions and ePAF for Students/Temps for additional resources and complete access to the necessary forms for processing work data changes. 
    Note that if the Change involves a change to Employee Type, such as Student or Temp or Post Doc moving to Staff or Faculty position or vice versa, that the correct process is followed: 
    Term through the Workforce Portal, wait a couple of days (you will also receive an email from the Portal once the Separation is fully processed), then communicate with the OFA or Recruiter to enter the Hire. Completing a Term followed by a Hire will trigger any needed Benefits events (a Job Change would not).  
    Tufts Support Services Guarantee:
    If correctly completed paperwork is received by TSS seven days prior to a payday, the employee information will be processed for the upcoming pay cycle.



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