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Work Data Change

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First Published  :Thu Nov 27 01:35:55 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Sat Apr 15 22:35:21 GMT 2017
Last Published  :Sat Apr 15 22:35:21 GMT 2017
Summary :  Reference for managers employees who have inquiries on how to process changes to their work-related information due to situations such as transfers, promotions, change in supervisors, part-time/full-time, etc. Audience: Managers, Employees


Primary Information

    Personnel Action Form (PAF) Processing

    Changes occur throughout an employee’s career with the University. There are a variety of Personnel Action Form (PAF and ePAF) available to update faculty and staff (PAF) and Student/Temp (ePAF) employee records and process activity related to initial employment; a change during employment including promotion, transfer, hours change, leave of absence, etc.; and separation from the University.
    Please see below for the different processes for staff/faculty, students, and temporary employees.
    PAF Process –Staff and Faculty:
    The Personnel Action Forms (PAFs) for all staff and faculty follow a similar approval process. These PAFs are usually completed by the department and require approval of the school or division budget officer in addition to department/supervisor approval. Tufts Shared Services  processes the information for all employee hires, changes, or separations into the PeopleSoft HR system. Tufts Shared Services is your resource if you have questions about this information.
    ePAF –Students/Temporary Employees:
    Once a student/temporary employee has been selected, the ePAF is used to complete the hiring process and for all future student employment activity. The student/temporary ePAF is an easy to use PeopleSoft application. It gives departments control over their student/temporary employee workforce.
    Access to the ePAF requires a completed application form for a PeopleSoft account and password. The Time Entry and ePAF user manual provides system documentation. In addition, TSS provides periodic training for ePAF users. Once an account is created, the user can process student/temporary hires, terminations, and everything in between.
    Entering information into the ePAF system is easy. If a student is already in PeopleSoft HRMS or the Student Information System, basic information is populated in the ePAF application. For non-Tufts students and temporary employees only a few more fields are required. Department users add information about the job and most transactions are processed overnight. First-time hires are held until supporting paper documents (W-4, Direct Deposit, and I-9) are received; TSS will then finalize the transaction. Users can view the status of activity to know when information has been “posted” to HRMS.
    Student Employees:
    Information about posting student jobs, student pay rates, and other student employment policies can be obtained from the Student Employment Office.
    Tufts Support Services Guarantee:
    If correctly completed paperwork is received by TSS seven days prior to a payday, the employee information will be processed for the upcoming pay cycle.
    Please visit the Personnel Action Form (PAF and ePAF) and PAF Pilot Information Knowledge Articles for additional resources and complete access to the necessary forms for processing work data changes. 


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