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W-2 and Tax Statements

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First Published  :Mon Dec 01 16:43:51 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Fri Mar 04 21:02:04 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Fri Mar 04 21:02:04 GMT 2022
Summary :  Reference for all employees who have inquiries about W-2 forms and tax statements. Audience: Employees


Primary Information

    W-2 Forms are available on Employee Self-Service (eServe) by January 31 only if you have consented to electronic delivery of your W-2. If you have not consented to electronic delivery, W-2s are mailed to you by January 31.

    Access your W-2 on eServe

    This option is only available to employees who have consented to electronic delivery of the W-2. 
    • Go to https://access.tufts.edu/eserve for the Employee Self Service Login.
    • Enter your Tufts Username and Password
    • Click on “Employee Self Service” on the top of the page (if needed)
    • Click on the “Payroll and Compensation” tile
    • On the left menu, click on “W-4, W-2, W-2 Consent, 1095C
    • Click on View “W-2/W-2c Forms
    • Click on the “Year End Form” link to view/print your current W-2. (Prior year forms are available by selecting a different “Tax Year” on the top.). Be sure you do not have a pop-up blocker enabled.
    You can also watch this brief video: Access your W-2 on eServe

    Information for International Employees and International Students
    • Most international students on F or J visas, and some international employees, may be considered tax nonresidents for purposes of US income tax reporting. For a discussion, review the information at https://icenter.tufts.edu/practical-matters/us-income-taxes/.
    • International students who are tax nonresidents may receive a 1042-S instead of or in addition to a W-2. Form 1042-S is issued to international undergraduate students that have received scholarships (including stipends for living expenses) that exceed their tuition and mandatory fees, and to international graduate students that have received stipends for living expenses. In addition, Form 1042-S may also be used to report income covered by a tax treaty between the US and another country. In most cases, Form 1042-S is delivered to students via mail by March.
    • For information about non-resident tax filing services, please visit the International Center websitehttps://icenter.tufts.edu/practical-matters/us-income-taxes/tax-filing/.The International Center has tax preparation software (“Sprintax”) to assist non-residents with filing their tax returns with the US Federal and state governments. Additional information about Sprintax workshops and access codes will be available from the International Center by mid-March.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I cannot access my W-2. What should I do?
    Make sure you are allowing pop-ups.  For information on disabling pop-up blockers for each browser type, click here

    Switch web browsers. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the most compatible browsers.

    Did you consent to electronic delivery of your W-2? If not, your W-2 will not be available in eServe.
    If you are having technical difficulties, Tufts Technology Services (TTS), will be able to help. You can contact them at 617-627-3376 or via email at IT@tufts.edu
    Can the W-2 be emailed to me?For security purposes, TSS will not email your W-2. However, if you have gone through the troubleshooting steps and still cannot access your W-2 in eServe, TSS can mail a copy of your W-2 to your mailing address after TSS has verified your identity. You will need to speak to a TSS Representative. Written requests alone are not accepted. The turn-around time to mail W-2 is 5 business days. Please call TSS at 617-627-7000. 
    I am a former employee. Can I still access my W-2 on eServe?
    Former employees (active in that tax year) should have access to eServe. If needed, you can change your password at https://tuftstools.tufts.edu/ if you know your previous password. If you do not know your previous password, you will need to speak with IT/TTS at 617-627-3376.

    You will also need to speak with TTS for assistance with 2-Factor Authentication (2FA).
    • Separated employees who enrolled in 2FA prior to leaving Tufts, should still have access if the same cell phone is in use. Those with a new cell phone will need to contact TTS.
    • Separated employees who did not enroll in 2FA prior to leaving Tufts will not be required to log in to 2FA. 
    Why don’t my YTD earnings on my final paycheck match Box 1, 3 or 5 of my W2?There could be several contributing factors. This helpful tool should help address most of these questions.

    Note - This tool will not work for
    • Students or Foreign Nationals with FICA exemptions during the year when calculating box
    • Foreign Nationals with Tax Treaties when calculating box 1
    What do each of the boxes on my W-2 mean?These sites can provide the most insight: * indicates that a resource that is NOT affiliated with Tufts University, but provides relevant information based on Frequently Asked Questions by members of our community.



Related Information

    International Revenue Service: https://www.irs.gov/

    Massachusetts Department of Revenue: www.mass.gov/dor





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