TSS - Resigning/Voluntary Termination of Employment

Resigning/Voluntary Termination of Employment

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First Published  :Mon Dec 01 19:30:27 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Thu Jan 21 15:54:15 GMT 2021
Last Published  :Thu Jan 21 15:54:15 GMT 2021
Summary :  Reference for all employees who have inquiries on general employee guidelines, information, policies, and expectations at Tufts University. Reference for all employees of Tufts with inquiries about resigning or terminating employment with the University. Audience: All employees who are covered by the employee handbook, not by CBA or contract employment (Note: For faculty, please see the faculty handbook for the faculty member’s school. For post-doc scholars, please see the post-doc handbook).


Primary Information

    **This information pertains to staff, not faculty.**


    The University hopes that employees will develop long-term careers at Tufts that are both fulfilling and successful. However, if an employee feels the need to resign, he or she may do so at any time, for any reason. Employees who choose to voluntarily resign should submit a written notice to his or her supervisor, before leaving the University. This written notification should include the effective date of resignation, specific reason(s) for the resignation, the employee’s position and department, and the employee’s legal signature. When possible, an exit interview should be scheduled so the HR Business Partner can learn more about why a person is leaving.

    Whenever possible, advance notice should be approximately equal to the employee’s annual vacation accrual. When leaving employment at Tufts, identification cards, keys, and other University property must be returned to the employee’s direct manager.
    Tufts University's third-party vendor, EBPA, will generate the necessary paperwork regarding continuation of benefits (including Health, Dental, Vision and FSA) and mails the information to the outgoing employee's home address.  Employees should confirm that their address in PeopleSoft is correct so that they receive the information concerning the continuation of certain insurance benefits.  By law, that information must be sent to employees via USMail following their separation from service.  Please find COBRA rates as well as  Benefits Term Information in the Related Information section below. 

    The “Leaving the University” section of the Employee Handbook has information on the University’s policies regarding, resignation, termination, retirement, exit interviews, effect of separation on benefits, and vacation pay upon separation.

    See also Checklist for Manager/Supervisor to follow when there is a Separation: Separation ChecklistThe Voluntary Separation can be processed through the eServe Workforce Portal by an Authorized Submitter. See the
    Voluntary Separation – Job Aid (incl. Accepted Other Employment, Relocation, Resignation, Return to School, Retired). In order to process a voluntary separation, you MUST provide a copy of the letter of resignation to TSS otherwise no update will be made.
     Please note that Terminations are not finalized/processed until the applicable Payroll run for the Effective Date of the Termination. 

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