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First Published  :Thu Dec 04 14:09:40 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Thu Aug 06 20:33:59 GMT 2020
Last Published  :Thu Aug 06 20:33:59 GMT 2020
Summary :  Reference for new hires into the Postdoc programs at Tufts. Admission, recruitment, and hiring information can be found on each of the specific programs’ websites.


Primary Information

    Postdoctoral Scholars carry out a research program under the guidance of a research advisor, who is generally a Tufts faculty member. The program aims to equip Postdoctoral Scholars with the skills necessary to become independent researchers in their respective areas of specialization.  The research training experience at Tufts typically lasts up to five years, or until completion of six years of post-doctoral research in total.  The Program is intended as a training program of finite duration, as opposed to a permanent position, that will enable Postdoctoral Scholars to become independent researchers.

    Postdocs are offered Medical and Dental benefits. See our Knowledge Articles Post Doc Dental Coverage and Post Doc Medical for more information about those benefits.  

    Postdoctoral Scholars are also eligible for the following benefits. Contact TSS for information about these Benefits.

    • Medical
    • Dental
    • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    • Commuter Benefits (if they have a valid SSN)
    • Flexible Spending Accounts (if they have a valid SSN + a 12 month appointment)
    • Dependent Resources
    • MetLife Auto and Home Insurance (if they have a valid SSN)
    • Pet Insurance
    • Real Estate Advantage Program
    • 403(b) Retirement Savings Plan (if they have a valid SSN and pay FICA taxes)

    Upon arrival to campus, postdocs will be invited to attend New Employee Orientation.  Orientation topics include an introduction to key departments and resources at Tufts and some information about each physical campus.  The orientation session also includes time for individual consultations with representatives from Tufts Support Services, Human Resources Benefits, and Tufts Technology Services.  Postdocs who work in a lab or clinical setting will need to attend additional Lab Safety Training. For more information about orientation sessions, please contact Lauren Hubbard (Medford and Boston campuses) or Patty Boucher (Grafton campus). 

     More information about postdoc programs at Tufts, including pay rates, can be found on the Office of the Provost website 
    If you are interested in applying for a postdoc opportunity, please visit the Contact Us page.
    If you have a postdoc job to post, please contact Kara.Charmanski@tufts.edu.

    If a Post Doc is transitioning to a Staff position, such as Research Associate, or to a Faculty position, there must be a Separation/Termination followed by a Hire. This will trigger the appropriate Benefits Events. 

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