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Jury Duty

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First Published  :Thu Dec 04 14:32:08 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Tue Nov 03 15:26:28 GMT 2020
Last Published  :Tue Nov 03 15:26:28 GMT 2020
Summary :  Reference for all constituents of Tufts with inquiries about the University policy regarding jury duty. Audience: Jury duty rights apply to all current Employees, Staff, Faculty, Student workers as outlined under Massachusetts General Laws. Jury Duty Paid Time Off Policies - Audience: All employees who are covered by the employee handbook, not by CBA or contract employment (Note: For faculty, please see the faculty handbook for the faculty member’s school. For post-doc scholars, please see the post-doc handbook).


Primary Information

    Any employee called to Jury Duty is allowed the time off, with pay, as dictated by Massachusetts General Law.  How someone within Tufts is pay differs based on the employee/faculty/student position and where it is located (e.g. tenured faculty paid time off is dictated by the School’s by-laws). This benefit is extended to all employees, even those who are currently still within their new employee  trial period.
    For Employees:
    The University will pay the difference between the employee’s regular University pay and jury duty pay for as long as the employee is required to serve, pursuant to a lawful jury summons.
    Note: Faculty time off varies by school. Please see the faculty administration of your school or the Provost's office for more information.  For post docs, please visit the postdoc website at Link to handbook: http://viceprovost.tufts.edu/postdoc/handbook/
    For Student workers and Temps:
    Tufts will pay Jury duty pay to Temporary employees.  For student workers, if they have a set schedule and will miss work for Jury Duty, we do pay for those hours regularly worked.

    Please see the Employee Handbook for information on the University’s policies regarding jury duty and other leaves of absence. 

    *The above statement is a brief summary of a more detailed policy contained in the Tufts University Employee Handbook which is intended to provide a quick response and orientation but does not replace the full policy statement.  Please access and review the full policy by clicking the Employee Handbook.


Related Information

    Jury Duty Earnings Code - 262

    Link to
    Employee Handbook
    Time-off Tracking: Time Off Tracking Information- Award and Accrual Process
    Timekeeping/Earnings Codes

    Exempt employee submit the paperwork from the courthouse. It can then be sent to Payroll for adjustments.



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