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First Published  :Thu Dec 11 16:26:09 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Mon May 04 12:59:37 GMT 2020
Last Published  :Mon May 04 12:59:37 GMT 2020
Summary :  Reference for all employees, faculty, and management with inquiries about pay day schedules and the pay cycle at Tufts. Audience: Faculty, Staff


Primary Information

    Pay Periods/Frequency:
    Salaried employees are paid on a semi-monthly schedule and are not eligible for overtime pay. Paydays for salaried employees are the fifteenth (15th) and the thirtieth (30th) day of every month (24 pay periods). If the 15th or 30th falls on a weekend, the employee will be paid the Friday before.
    Non-salaried employees are paid on an hourly schedule and are eligible for overtime pay. Payday for non-salaried employees is every Friday on a weekly basis.  Visit t
    ss.tufts.edu for the Payroll Calendars on the left margin for a complete picture of when payrolls are actually run, when they need to be in various offices for approval, and weekly/semi-monthly pay dates.

    More information on pay policies can be found in the Employee Handbook.

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