TSS - Types of Payments (AP): Definitions and Documentation for Scholarships, Fellowships, Awards, Stipends

Types of Payments (AP): Definitions and Documentation for Scholarships, Fellowships, Awards, Stipends

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First Published  :Fri Dec 12 14:27:31 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Wed Feb 27 14:49:15 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Wed Feb 27 14:49:15 GMT 2019
Summary :  This article describes types of payments and documents required to complete a transaction.


Primary Information

    Accounts Payable makes several types of payments other than standard invoices to vendors.  These include honorarium, stipends, subject study payments, consultants, professional services, Visa payments (Dept of Homeland Security), fellowships, scholarships and student awards.  If you plan to hire an individual and are unsure if they should be paid via AP or Payroll, you must first ensure that they are not already on the Tufts payroll.  If an individual has an active job in PeopleSoft, any additional payments are made through a supplemental PAF.  Teaching a class as the primary faculty (giving grades) must go through payroll also.  All others potentially could be paid though AP with the completion of the e-REQ which includes the questionnaire.

    If the recipient of a scholarship, fellowship, award, subject study/volunteer subject stipend or royalties has not already been paid by Tufts and entered into the Accounts Payable system, they must complete certain paperwork before payment can be issued. This is done through the PaymentWorks system where US citizens and Resident Aliens are required to complete a W-9 form. Non Resident Aliens are required to complete a W-8Ben (and the Alien Payment Form will later be submitted with the Check Voucher). For more information about Alien Payments, please click here.

    This two page table  will document what documentation is required for such payments, as well as provide clear definitions for the types of payments that we make


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