TSS - PeopleSoft Chartfields: Applications and Forms

PeopleSoft Chartfields: Applications and Forms

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First Published  :Wed Dec 17 16:47:38 GMT 2014
Last Modified  :Mon May 09 18:05:31 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Mon May 09 18:05:31 GMT 2022
Summary :  Information about deptids, accounts, grants, etc.


Primary Information

    In order to transact at Tufts, certain PeopleSoft chartfields are required.  These chartfields also may be required on applications to systems and for credit cards, and are collectively known as the Chart of Accounts (COA).

    All financial transactions are coded to an account number and a funding source.

    An account is a 4 digit descriptor field.  Examples include
    • 5301 "Domestic Travel"
    • 5404 "Laboratory Capital Equipment"
    • 5411 "General Office Supplies"

    A funding source can take the form of a deptid, grant or project. 
    A deptid is a department identifier (like a bank account) - that someone can charge expenses to.  It is a 7-character chartfield which represents a cost center.  An example is A130200.  Certain deptids receive new budgets at the beginning of each new fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) and others permit a carryforward of balances remaining.
    A grant is another type of funding source that is typically associated to research.  An example is NSF123.  If someone wants to charge a grant they must indicate their department linking number as well, such as A140001 for Chemistry.
    A project is yet another type of funding source.  These are funds set up for renovations, construction or major capital equipment.  An example may be EM0940. 

    Chart of Account information can be found by logging into the Data Warehouse, then clicking on the Financial Reports folder, then selecting Chart of Accounts Report.

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