TSS - What is Tufts eBill or eBilling?

What is Tufts eBill or eBilling?

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First Published  :Tue Jan 20 14:45:36 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Wed Mar 23 13:21:50 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Wed Mar 23 13:21:50 GMT 2022
Summary :  A summary of the Tufts University electronic billing system.


Primary Information

    Tufts University bills tuition and fees electronically via Tufts eBill.  Tufts only provides electronic bills for enrolled students, who must enroll themselves in this electronic billing system and may invite others to view and/or pay their eBill.  Tufts eBills are issued in the first week of July (Fall semester) and the second week in November (Spring semester) only when an outstanding balance exists on a student's account. Thereafter, eBills are issued weekly if you have new charges and monthly if you have an outstanding balance.

    Any questions regarding eBill should be directed to one of the Bursar Offices as follows:

    Medford Campus:  617-627-2000
    Boston/Grafton Campus:  617-636-6551


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