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Student Employment and Hours

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First Published  :Sun Feb 01 21:45:14 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Thu Jul 21 14:17:12 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Thu Jul 21 14:17:12 GMT 2022
Summary :  Information pertaining to student employment


Primary Information

    PLEASE NOTE:  Student Workers cannot be based outside of the United States!

    Information about posting student jobs, student pay rates, work hours, work study and other student employment policies can be obtained from the
    Student Employment Office.

    WAGES UPDATE:  Effective 1/1/2022 student workers are now paid a minimum wage of $15.00 per hour. (
    President Biden signed an executive order raising the minimum wage rate for federal contractors to $15.00/hour effective 1/30/22. This will supersede the Massachusetts minimum wage rate of $14.25/hour that goes into effect on 1/1/22).  The Department does not need to take any action, as anyone paid below the minimum wage will automatically be increased. But if the Department tracks students' earnings, they will see a shift in gross pay, and if they currently pay some students more than others based on experience they will want to make sure this minimum wage increase does not negate their efforts. 

    Recommended Hours:  During the academic year students are recommended to work no more than 20 hours per week but there are no limits on weekly hours.  In the summer and winter break students may work up to 40 hours.  The Fall work study period begins during the first week of classes. The Spring work study period ends on May 31; June 1st is the beginning of the Summer work period.

    What type of Job:  If a student is awarded College Work Study Program (CWSP) funds, the department pays 25% and the government pays 75% until the upper limit as put forth by student's financial aid award has been reached.  At that point, it is the department's responsibility to pay 100% of the salary (the department does not need to take action; once the government funds have run out they will automatically be charged to the department) .
    When hiring the Student in ePAF, be sure to choose the correct Job Code to designate whether it is a Work Study job (9000) or non Work Study (9001). Once the Job Code is selected during the ePAF hiring process, the corresponding default Earnings Code will populate in Time Entry each week so that the hours are recorded as either Work Study (021- Hourly Student Wages) or Non-Work Study (012- Non-Work Study Wages).

    If you believe the Job Code needs to be changed later, follow these guidelines: 
    • If Work Study funds are simply exhausted, payment will automatically pull from the Dept ID rather than Work Study, so the Job Code does not need to be changed.
    • If Work Study funds are available but no longer should be utilized (going from Work Study to Non Work Study) and no payment has been made yet, please Term and Rehire into the correct Job Code. If Payment has already been made, in addition to Terming and Rehiring you will also need to contact Student Services to process the retroactive Work Study adjustment.
    • If Work Study funds are available and should be utilized (going from Non Work Study to Work Study), and no Payment has been made yet, please  Term and Rehire the student using the correct Job Code. If Payment has already been made, retroactive Work Study adjustments are not possible.

    Please note that hiring is done by the department through ePAF.  The ePAF manual can be of assistance.

    More than one job:  If multiple Departments have hired the same student, they will need to coordinate with one another as to how much Work Study time is being used. If one Department will use Work Study and the other will not, the Department using Work Study will enter 9000 for the Job Code while the one not using Work Study will enter 9001. If both enter 9000, they will be sharing the Work Study benefit until it is exhausted and then both Departments will pay 100%. The employee cannot have two active 9000 jobs in the same home department.


Related Information

    Pay Rates

    Students are paid via Direct Deposit - see related Knowledge Article.




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