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Ad Hoc Approvers

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First Published  :Wed Feb 04 14:50:45 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Tue May 10 20:29:52 GMT 2022
Last Published  :Tue May 10 20:29:52 GMT 2022
Summary :  Information regarding ad hoc approvers in systems, departmental directions, and more.


Primary Information

    By definition, Ad Hoc approvers are individuals inserted into the approval workflow of an online system.  These additional approvers are in addition to the preset approvers based on system applications and university signatory rules. 

    If a department initiates an electronic requisition or an expense report within e-expense, ad hoc approver functionality remains available.  However, if a department elects to have TSS prepare an E-REQ or e-expense report on someone’s behalf, it is the responsibility of the requestor/traveler to take the appropriate steps to manually ‘ad-hoc’ any individuals deemed necessary to comply with local rules.   The requestor/traveler can do this when they receive the email to approve from TSS.  Instructions on how to ad-hoc within these systems are as follows:

    E-REQ User Guide – page 9
    Apptricity/e-Expense User Guide – page 33

    When Charging Grants
    Domestic travel reports charging a grant are post-audited by Post-Award/OVPR to ensure compliance with federal regulations.  When the travel is international, Post-Award/OVPR approves prior to reimbursement to ensure compliance with specific air carrier restrictions.  If TSS processes a travel report on one’s behalf, and a grant is being charged, we will ensure that a departmental research administrator is included in the workflow, if not already designated as the final approver of the traveler.


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