TSS - What is Trunk?

What is Trunk?

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First Published  :Thu Feb 05 15:23:28 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Wed Nov 25 13:19:39 GMT 2015
Last Published  :Wed Nov 25 13:19:39 GMT 2015
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Primary Information

    Trunk is Tufts’ online environment designed to facilitate teaching, learning, assessment, and collaboration. 

    Trunk is accessible to every employee automatically.  Signing into Trunk uses a Tufts ID (UTLN) and Tufts password.  Within Trunk are icons (little blue circles with white question marks) that can be clicked to learn more about using the system.

    Example of iconhelp  

    Website:  https://trunk.tufts.edu/welcome

    Trunk Support:  http://sites.tufts.edu/trunksupport

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