TSS - What is the Finance Portal?

What is the Finance Portal?

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First Published  :Wed Feb 25 22:08:23 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Mon Apr 29 14:18:00 GMT 2019
Last Published  :Mon Apr 29 14:18:00 GMT 2019
Summary :  Where to locate the finance portal and what is contained within it


Primary Information

    The Finance Portal is a one-stop site to log into various procurement and travel systems at Tufts.  This includes:
    •  e-Expense
    • Data Warehouse (for financial reports)
    • Tufts Marketplace
    • PeopleSoft for
      • Capital Expenditure Authorization (CEA)
      • P-Card Approval & Allocation/Reconciliation
      • Electronic Requisitioning (eReq)
      • PO Inquiry
      • Journal Upload access if you are not already set up in another area of PeopleSoft Finance
     The portal will also provide Data Warehouse tip sheets, information about month end processing, journal entry identifiers and more.

    Applications exist to the various systems noted on the Finance Portal are found on our Forms page.  

    Within the Tufts Data Warehouse one can find PeopleSoft Financial reports as well as the Chart of Accounts.  Reports are updated nightly.  Access to the Data Warehouse for deptid reports is managed by the Budget Center.  Grant report access is managed by Sponsored Programs Accounting.

Related Information

    Information pertaining to:

    *  e-Expense
    *  Data Warehouse
    *  Month end cutoffs for fiscal year
    *  Tufts Marketplace
    *  CEA (Capital Expenditure Authorization) - for CEA routing questions please contact General Accounting.
    *  Electronic Requisitioning

    As of June 2016
    in order to get access to PeopleSoft, you must be a regular employee or a Person of Interest. Anyone else who is maintaining a relationship with the University but is not on Payroll should be hired as an Affiliate through eReg.




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