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Hiring Temporary Staff

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First Published  :Mon Mar 02 16:34:46 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Wed Sep 27 13:08:08 GMT 2017
Last Published  :Wed Aug 02 21:10:35 GMT 2017
Summary :  Information about outside temp agencies and any HR involvement.


Primary Information

    When a hiring manager has a need for temporary staff, they may call the temporary staffing service directly.  Temporary employees hired through a temp service are paid by the service and the hiring department is billed by the service.  

    If a hiring manager has a temporary candidate outside of one of the temp agencies, the department completes the ePAF for temp employees.  Click here for the ePAF/Time Entry Manual. It is recommended that prior approval for the position funding has been obtained.  A direct hire temp  (non-agency) is on the Tufts payroll but does not have benefits as a regular employee would. See information in Benefits for Temps.

    Note that a temporary employee is different than a 'limited appointment.'  A limited appointment is considered a regular employee, but has a designated end date, is hired through the HR hiring process and is on the Tufts payroll.  Therefore the limited appointment employee is eligible for days off, including sick days, Jury Duty, and other benefits. Questions regarding limited appointment employees can be addressed to a Human Resources Business Partner.

    The temporary staffing services that we currently have agreements with are as follows:

    3 Post Office Square
    Boston, MA  02109
    (617) 574-8200 p.
    (617) 574-8223 f.

    15 Broad Street, Suite 612
    Boston, MA  02109
    (617) 227-2090 p.
    (617) 227-0352 f.

Related Information

    New Hire Student/Temp Tip Sheet

    To add a temp from a temporary staffing agency into the system as a POI, a PAF Form below will need to be completed: 
    New Hire PAF for Person of Interest
    *Please indicate in Remarks if this is a Person of Interest for Finance or HR




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