TSS - Hiring a Temporary Worker-Agency and Non-Agency

Hiring a Temporary Worker-Agency and Non-Agency

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First Published  :Mon Mar 02 16:34:46 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Fri May 07 15:01:28 GMT 2021
Last Published  :Fri May 07 15:01:28 GMT 2021
Summary :  Reference for all employees, staff, faculty and students who have inquiries about internal or external applications to Tufts as it relates to agency employment, contingency work, temporary work assignments and temporary hiring. Audience: All internal hiring managers and external workers wishing to be temporary workers at Tufts


Primary Information

    Hiring with Tufts Temps:

    Tufts University allows temporary workers to be hired through its Managed Service Provider (MSP), called Tufts Temps. If you are a manager, be sure to pre-register to use the Tufts Temps service by completing the Expense Authorization Form (PDF). The completed form should be submitted to TuftsTemps@tufts.edu or should be sent to Danielle Faal at Danielle.Faal@tufts.edu.

    If you are a hiring manager looking to hire a temporary worker, access the requisition form using Single Sign On (SSO), which is the same login you use to log on to the Tufts’ system every day.

    Some temps fill a short-term need where computer/systems access and directory presence is required. If a temporary worker will need access to Tufts email or other systems, please complete the TTS Affiliate Account Request Form.

    For more information about hiring temporary workers and/or Tufts Temps, please visit FAQs about hiring temporary workers.

    If you have questions about hiring a temporary worker, please reach out to the Tufts Temps Help Desk at TuftsTemps@tufts.edu.


    Hiring Directly:

    This process is best suited if you have already identified a candidate.  However, if you are looking to search for and procure temporary help, please use Tufts Temps (see above).


    Getting Started

    Temporary Hires cannot be entered into eServe, and requests need to be submitted via an online Temp Help Request Form. This request can only be submitted by an approved ePAF submitter within your department/division.  

    Before the Temp Begins

    All Temporary Workers and Non-Tufts student workers must undergo a background check. Upon submission of the online form, the information will be reviewed by Tufts Human Resource to evaluate whether and what level of background needed for the position, duties, and work location. Temporary Workers may not start to work until background check is completed.

    Once the background check is completed, the hire will be entered into the Tufts HR system (eServe) by TSS, which will generate an onboarding email to the temporary workerAll temporary workers must complete onboarding requirements before beginning to work. The I-9 needs to be verified within 3 days of the start date and cannot be done prior to the start date.

    Before on-campus temps can begin, they must meet the COVID protocol and testing standards: Testing at Tufts.

    Timing:  Plan ahead!

    Please allow 7-20 business days (depending on the level of background check needed) for processing the background check and entering the hire into the system. Please allow additional time for the temporary worker to complete the onboarding requirements, including submission of the I-9.

    For international temporary hires, please contact your HR Business Partner at HR Contacts.

    Graduated Students (May 2021)


    You can hire a graduated student as a temporary worker. Please indicate on the online form that you are hiring a graduated student.

    A student cannot have an active student job AND a temporary worker job; therefore, any active student job(s) need to be terminated prior to hiring the student as a temporary worker. Upon submission of the online form, TSS will check whether the student has an active student job and assist in terminating the current active student job

    If you know that you will hire a graduated student as a temp over the summer, the background check can be done in advance to expedite hiring once student job is terminated. But please note, if the position is working with vulnerable populations, please know that parts of the background check need to occur at the time of hire.

    Once your current student worker graduates, the active student job needs to be terminated and they need to be rehired as a temporary worker.

    This is due to the change in tax rates and other applicable pay and benefits laws in Massachusetts. As a result, it is important that we have them in the correct employment category, otherwise their hours and eligibility will not be recorded correctly. This may impact the student negatively.



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