TSS - Pay via Supplement (Payroll) versus Accounts Payable (AP) including Consultants/Contractors

Pay via Supplement (Payroll) versus Accounts Payable (AP) including Consultants/Contractors

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First Published  :Fri Mar 27 13:38:12 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Mon Mar 22 20:44:14 GMT 2021
Last Published  :Mon Mar 22 20:44:14 GMT 2021
Summary :  Provides information about whether or not someone qualifies as an independent contractor, and how to initiate the agreement at Tufts.


Primary Information

    If you plan to PAY an individual and are unsure if they should be paid via AP or Payroll, you must first ask "What are they Doing?"

    1) If it is Compensation, for work being done, first, check whether they are already on the Tufts payroll. If an individual has an active job in PeopleSoft, any additional compensation for work being done must made through a supplemental PAF.

    Rarely, someone will request a "STIPEND" for "Casual Labor"- one time, low dollar amount payment for an event, that can be paid through AP (unless on F1 Visa) even if the person is on payroll.

    Very rarely, if identified as an Independent Contractor/Consultant, a Staff/Faculty employee on payroll potentially could be paid though AP with the completion of the e-REQ which includes the questionnaire. The questionnaire has been designed to isolate and properly classify payees who may be paid through AP. In certain cases, selected responses will not allow you to continue in the e-req. process as your answers more than likely reveal a employee/employer relationship hat needs to be paid through Payroll rather than an Independent Contractor/Consultant relationship that can be paid through AP. AccessTufts also provides a guideline for Independent Contractor or Employee Determination.

    Even if they are not on the Payroll, but they are Teaching/Speaking at a class the primary faculty payment must go through payroll.  Teaching is our line of business thus it does not qualify to be paid as an independent contractor.  We define teaching as leading the course and giving grades.  If the individual is doing that, then per state law they must be paid as an employee: https://www.mass.gov/service-details/independent-contractors

    2) If it is Non-Compensatory payments (example Payments to Study Participants, Scholarships, Fellowships) are paid through AP regardless of whether the person is also an employee on Payroll. The employee must complete a W9.

    If engaging an independent contractor, Tufts provides a Standard Contract Form that  departments can use.  In most cases, it is the Purchasing department who is required to sign contracts.  A W-9 is required for the contractor to be paid, if Tufts doesn't already have one on file.


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