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How To Complete An IDR

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First Published  :Tue Apr 07 14:16:03 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Fri Apr 27 13:15:46 GMT 2018
Last Published  :Fri Apr 27 13:15:46 GMT 2018
Summary :  Step by step instructions on how to complete an Interdepartmental Requisition


Primary Information

    The Interdepartmental Requisition (IDR) is a paper form used for internal procurement at Tufts.  Use this document when ordering goods or services from internal cost centers within the university, which include various labs, public safety, Medford dining/catering, library services, and others.

    Please make sure that the IDR is signed by responsible individuals for both funding sources.  Also, any IDR that is over $5000 and affects a GRANT, must be signed by OVPR Post Award. 

    The debit is the funding source being charged; the credit is the department providing the services or goods. The requisition number appears in the PeopleSoft financial transaction detail report for reference purposes.  All IDR account numbers (4 digit descriptor field) begin with a "6".  A complete list of account numbers can be found within the Chart of Accounts folder in the Tufts Data Warehouse.  The funding sources (deptid or project/grants) must be completed in order to be processed.  NOTE:  TSS is unable to process IDRs with blank fields.  Those received with incomplete information will be returned to the originator.

    Here is a sample Interdepartmental Requisition:



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