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White Pages, LDAP, Online Directory, Email Address Updates

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First Published  :Tue Apr 07 18:06:28 GMT 2015
Last Modified  :Wed Feb 05 16:18:40 GMT 2020
Last Published  :Wed Feb 05 16:18:40 GMT 2020
Summary :  Information about changing some information himself/herself online.


Primary Information

    For full functionality and Search features in the White Pages, you must be LOGGED In. Otherwise, when you search Departments for example, not all information will show!

    In the White Pages/Tufts Directory on the Tufts Home Page, a Tufts employee can change some information (preferred first name, phone #, fax #, etc.) himself/herself online. See “What information can be changed online?” at http://whitepages.tufts.edu/faq.cgi

    Other individual* employee information, such as Legal Name, Title, Department, Building and Campus, must be first changed within they system of record:
    -either the HR system (in PeopleSoft after the Name Change form or a Personnel Action Form (PAF) is completed). Read more about the PAF Process here. 
    -the Medical school database for Clinical Faculty (reach out via med-ofa@tufts.edu to Office of Faculty Affairs).

    ***Title changes for Faculty must be made in the Faculty Information System (FIS), as the PeopleSoft system is overridden by FIS in the White Pages for Faculty Titles! The FIS system is able to maintain a more specific and longer title than what PeopleSoft contains. You should reach out to the Office of Faculty Affairs for the particular school you need the change made to. 
    Also, Faculty Affiliations will only show the Primary Job and any Medical School Affiliations. This is how the White Pages is designed. Since other Affiliations cannot be listed, a compromise may be for the Faculty to have a Title change that best reflects the multiple Affiliations. However, please note that the "Display Title" in the White Pages is limited to 250 characters. 

    Personal email preferences can be changed in eServe, however  business email address changes must be done by TTS (email address can reflect a Preferred Name and does not need to match the Legal Name in PeopleSoft so you can contact TTS directly for this).  Once TTS makes changes to the business email address, they will feed to the Tufts White Pages.

    In cases of a Legal Name Change, TSS must make the change to the PeopleSoft HR/Payroll system and then the employee also must initiate a request with TTS to change the email. The White Pages will automatically be updated with the new email once TTS makes the change.

    Also, the phone # that is listed in the White Pages is the phone number that will be listed for you within Salesforce at TSS!

    For a full list of FAQs: http://whitepages.tufts.edu/faq.cgi

    ***This is not to be confused with the University Department Directory, https://www.tufts.edu/about/offices-and-services which lists and links to all department and program WEBSITES. Corrections to this page and/or the corresponding websites should be directed to the Digital Services group in University Relations: digitalservices@tufts.edu. 

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